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About The Online Gambling Guru Website and its Online Casino Experts

Through our reviews and articles that are written by true casino experts, we at Online Gambling Guru want to educate and empower casino players for them to be able to make educated choices when it comes to their online gambling activity.About The Online Gambling Guru Website and its Online Casino Experts

By being able to make informed and educated decisions the Indian players will be able to play at safe and trusted online casinos as well as improving their chances of winning.

Launched in 2018, Online Gambling Guru is unique in its approach to the Indian online gambling market by valuing the presentation of truthful information to its visitors over potential short term revenue gains. Online Gambling Guru is owned and operated by Guava Outsourcing Solutions Inc.

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Aaradhya Khan
Website Director
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Content Manager
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Our Mission

Through informative and honest content that gets compiled by our team of online gambling experts, we want to change the Indian online gambling market for the better.

We want to create a safe and fun online gambling environment for the online casino players in India. We can achieve this change by having our online gambling experts performing unbiased research of the online casino operators that are active in the market then pointing the casino players to the best casinos.

This way we are actually having the casino players put pressure on the online casino operators which don’t have fair terms by limiting the flow of new players to abuse. Only when the online casinos have a well built online gambling operation with fair terms will they be positively highlighted by us towards our visitors.

Through this work, we will also contribute to giving the online gambling industry a better reputation in India will attract more players.

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