Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh - Senior Editor
Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh

Role: Senior Editor
Experience: 5 years of slot machine development experience

As the online casino expert from a technical perspective here at OnlineGamblingGuru Ajay Singh helps us analyze online casino operators and casino game developers on an entirely new level.

With a computer science degree from the prestigious University of Mumbai and working as a senior developer at online casino game company MicroGaming for more than 5 years it’s safe to say that Ajay is an expert when it comes to how online casino games and online casinos work.

The casino expertise of Ajay gets passed on to our visitors through his casino game and casino reviews that he writes as well as his advice to the rest of the team.

You may have noticed that in recent times that our casino game reviews as well as our online casino reviews have become even more thorough which is something we have Ajay to thank for.

Ajay enjoys online gaming on top of still developing online slot machine games in his spare time. His work here as a senior editor as well as his hobbies keeps him up to date on all the latest developments within the igaming industry.

Ajay is passionate about the development of the Indian online gambling industry as he is a firm believer that an industry like the online gambling industry could be a positive contributor to not only the Indian economy but also the education of the Indian population.

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