Viaan Patel
Viaan Patel - Content Manager
Viaan Patel

Viaan Patel

Role: Content Manager
Experience: 9 years of professional online gambling industry experience

Vian Patel has been an essential part of developing into the great Indian online casino resource which it is today. With Viaans 9 years of experience within the online gambling industry, our visitors can be certain that they are being guided by an expert or should we say, guru.

The online casino expertise of Viaan which really comes through his reviews of online casinos and casino games was obtained through a number of different jobs within the online gambling industry.

As a casino coordinator for 3 years at Bet365 Viaan had to work with all the casino game suppliers and all the internal teams at B365. For Viaans position, it was also crucial to keep himself up to date on the online casino competition of Bet365 through regular analysis.

Viaan’s last employment was with online slot machine development company Microgaming which is one of the market share leaders when it comes to online slot machines for the Indian market. At Microgaming Viaan worked as Regional Manager with the region being India. As a regional manager, Viaan was responsible for making sure that slots being developed would be suitable for the market and that they would be picked up by the online casinos in the Indian market.

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