Biggest Jackpot Wins in India

A simple way to win a life-changing amount is by entering any big jackpot online or online betting sites for cricket. Some of the exclusive biggest lotteries in India can give some colossal prizes that are otherwise difficult to earn. Anyone can get this jackpot as long as they buy tickets. The lottery system of India shows that these games have existed for a long time, and many of them have enjoyed great fortune.

In this news article, you will encounter the biggest jackpot wins in India. After reading about them, you will get an idea of the ways available, and the maximum amount one can win.


Sharafuddin won the top prize in the Christmas New Year draw in the Kerala State Lottery’s in 2021. After getting such a huge prize during the pandemic, he was a lottery ticket seller and was thrilled to become a crorepati. Even though he belongs to Kerala, Sharafuddin worked in a small Tamil Nadu, Tenkasi. Every day, he used to buy tickets from the Bharanu Lottery Agency and used to sell them to buyers. Apart from that, he had quite a few unsold entries in his batch. Previously, he has worked in the construction industry before opting for selling lottery tickets. He desired to use the funds to set up his small business and build his own house.

Porunnan Rajan

On the 17th of January 2021, Porunnan Rajan won a jackpot worth 12 crores. He belongs from Malur Kaithachala, at Puralimala Kurichia. One day, he stepped out of his home to go to the bank to get a loan. Fortunately, he ended up winning a ticket of prize 12 crores. After he purchased a ticket from Payyan Agencies on the Christmas New Year Bumper, 2020, on the Kerala State Lottery in Koothuparamba. The lucky winner could not believe that he won the first prize after his ticket number ST 269609 got selected. After getting this amount, he felt so relaxed. Now he can settle all his loans, help his children complete their studies, finish the necessary work at home, and help the needy.

Ananthu Vijayan

Ananthu Vijayan is a young temple worker who won a prize of 12 crores in the Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery. It happened on the 21st of September 2020, after buying a ticket whose number is TB173964. He hailed from Kerala and purchased the ticket from an agency. After getting a call that said he was the winner, he thought his friends might be playing a prank on him. After receiving the money, Ananthu wanted to use it to set up a business with his father and purchase a small house for his family near Ernakulam.

Local PowerBall Triumph
The state approves the Rajshree PowerBall Lotto game of Sikkim. Saraswati won an amount of INR 1.5 crore in 2008. It was the highest payout by the Sikkim State Lottery ever.

Mr Das

Mr Das was a Rickshaw owner from a small place in West Bengal, Guskara. One day, a picnic was organised by the worker’s union, but due to bad weather, it got cancelled. After cancellation, Mr Gaur Das was upset and blamed the weather for ruining everything. On his way home, he bought a ticket to win INR 35 lakhs the next day. Seeing that, he was super excited and now thanked the weather for changing his life.

Big Winner

One of the most deserving and heart-warming lottery winners is Mojiful Shiekh of India. He was 22 years old and won a jackpot prize of one crore. In order to help his family, he moved to Kerala and joined a construction job. He also earned little, and it was not sufficient for his family. After seeing all these, he purchased a lottery ticket to try his luck one day. It changed his life forever as he got a jackpot of INR 1 crore. This money has helped him, and his family live a good life.

3x The Charm

Winning a jackpot chance is a lifetime occurrence, and many people could not manage to land a win ever. Surprisingly, a man defeated all odds and won three times. Many of them do not believe it after hearing this, but it is true. His name is RP Manoharan, who managed to win three big lottos in a year. The first prize gave him INR 65 lakh, and the other two gave 70 lakh each. He is a live example who plays the lotto and wins huge prizes.

Akshit Kumar Jain

A Mumbai local won a huge prize of INR 2.83 crore in 2017 and claimed the position of the youngest jackpot. He purchased a ticket for the Playwin Thunderball Jackpot and was also the 96th winner to claim a jackpot. He has been blessed to join more than 5000 lakhpatis and 90 crorepatis.

M. Bensraj

M. Bensraj is the first lottery crorepati who won INR 5.2 crores in 2002 when he was 35 years old. He participated in the first online lottery of India, the 14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto Draw. By winning this amount, he became the biggest lottery winner in the country at that point.

Lingaraju D

He was a retired health inspector based in Bengaluru who won the Lotto247. He was 68 years old and claimed a prize of INR 3.8 crores. In case he had matched the mega ball, Lingaraju D would have won INR 2551 crore. With this amount, he could enjoy a luxurious life after settlement.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the biggest jackpot winners in India who have won a huge amount. Interested people can check out the different lotteries available at top betting sites India and buy tickets to try their luck. Before buying the ticket, they should check which one to go for and what are the best options available.

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