Live Blackjack

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Live Blackjack Features
  • Free mode
  • Blackjack variants
  • Early payout
  • Real view
Live Blackjack Information
  • Game Type: Casino Games
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Maximum payout : 99.9%
  • Mobile/tablet : yes

Call it blackjack, call it 21, no matter what you say or call, one thing is for sure, the game would never disappoint you when it comes to being fun and exciting.
This is the reason why more and more people are in love with it. One of the reasons behind the huge popularity of Live Blackjack is the fact that it is super easy to learn and have command over.
However, if you think blackjack and live blackjack are the one and the same thing, you might be wrong. You probably cannot count cards in the online blackjack, however, you can easily do so in the live blackjack.

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A live blackjack has a live dealer along with multiple players and a real blackjack table.
But this is not just about a live blackjack. There are various areas wherein live blackjack excels. First, it has a more personal touch as you get to play in the real time with a real dealer. Second, live blackjack is very transparent and provides full disclosure.
What’s more? Live blackjack in addition to providing the authentic experience also provides some amazing casino bonuses which are otherwise not available in the online blackjack.
In this article, we will have an in-depth insight into live blackjack. We will cover all the essential details related to the game. Additionally, we will also have a look at how you can become the live blackjack master.
Let’s get started.

Live Blackjack Symbols

In order to learn to play live blackjack, it is essential that you understand what each symbol stands for.
The game involves various actions like dealing cards, pulling strategies and others. Talking about symbols, they are basically the card ranks each with their own face value. The strength of these symbols decides whether you have won or lost a certain game.
The standard card symbols include black clover, red heart, a leaf like symbol and a diamond shape.

Live Blackjack Pay Out and Win Potential

Live blackjack is easy to play and offers appreciable pay out with huge win potential. As soon as the player gets a winning hand, he gets the pay out immediately.
However, the player doesn’t get immediate pay outs every time. For instance, if the face up card of the dealer is an ace or any card with a face value of 10, the player is not awarded with an immediate pay out. As a matter of fact, the expected return to the player is 99.9%.

This is because in such a case the live dealer also has a blackjack hand which leads to a draw or push, in other words.
In such a case, the player is liable to get his or her bet back, and the game is declared to be a no action game. However, various online casinos boost this scenario to their advantage and declare the house win while this is not the case actually.

Thus, it is important that you have a proper look at the casino rules before playing.
As a matter of fact, the expected return to the player is 99.9%.

Live Blackjack Bonus Features

One of the best parts of live blackjack which makes this game so engaging and intriguing is the amazing set of bonus features and live features the game comes equipped with.

  • Free mode: under this mode, you can play the live blackjack without real money. Thus, you don’t need to worry about losing or winning the money, and just enjoy the game
  • Classic view: it is a type of view mode which provides a classic computer interface and accessibility
  • Real view: this view mode guarantees the best playing experience
  • Early payout: this feature is highly beneficial for the new players and helps in enforcing the odds-based play
  • Blackjack variants: there are various blackjack variants available in various casinos which boost the fun of the game

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Live Blackjack Game Settings and How to Play

NetEnt live blackjack comes in two formats:

7 seat blackjack

Consider this version as the traditional blackjack as it has just 7 seats available. You’re supposed to deal with your own hand. Manual dealing shoes and shufflemaster are available on the tables.

Common draw blackjack

In this live blackjack, only one hand is provided which is supposed to be dealt with by other players. The decisions of other players are not going to impact the hand. Further, a dealing shoe is used to deal 6 decks and shuffle the cards.

The major rules of the game include:

  • As per the European rules, the dealer is only required to take one card
  • Dealer ace lets you win the insurance
  • 6 decks are used to play the game, but they are changes when the shoes are around 50% through
  • Split aces are dealt with just one additional card
  • Doubles can be done on splits and on any hand value

Here is how you can play the game:

  • If a game is already in progress, wait till it gets over. Once finished, wait for your turn to place the bet.
  • In order to place the best, click on the chip of the desired value you want to place the bet with. Next, click on the bet area and the desired chip value would be placed as the bet. Every click would add one chip to the best. If you want to increase the amount, click again.
  • Make quick yet smart decisions as you have just got a limited time to place the bet once the round starts. The next round is then dealt, and if your hand wins, you are provided with the payout.

Live Blackjack Review Summary

To sum up, live blackjack is one game you should try playing, even if you have no interests in online casinos. This game would not disappoint you at all, and would instead keep you hooked till the end.

The game is easier to understand and play and offers good payouts. There are no confusing symbols, wild cards and the like as in video slots, and this is why, if you are looking for a light-hearted game which you can play on the go, this is it!
The only thing that you need to focus on is to get a better hand than the dealer without going over 21. Thus, if the dealer has a better hand, he wins and alternatively, if you have a better hand, you win.

In an event, when the hands of you and the dealer have the same value, the game ties. In such a case, the original bet places by the player are retuned back to them.
So, this was all about live blackjack. Rest assured, it is worth it, and with a little luck, you can definitely win huge payouts.
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