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Roulette Features
  • Available on mobile & tablet
  • Reload bonus
Roulette Information
  • Game Type: Casino Games
  • Software: NetEnt
  • Side bets : yes
  • Mobile/tablet : yes

Needless to say, over the years, Roulette has become a name synonymous to the Casino such that whenever someone talks about Casino, the only thing that comes to our mind is Roulette.

But what exactly does Roulette mean? Roulette is derived from the French word which literally means Little Wheel. This is one of the most famous games and for all the good reasons.

You will hardly find a casino without roulette or let’s say having a casino without roulette is – boring and dull! This is the same case when online casinos are involved – they almost always have roulette!

Roulette Important Symbols

The symbol of roulette is pretty simple. It displays the layout of the wheel and numbers on which the entire game depends. Regardless of the origin, you can find 36 columns each divided into 3 in such a way that they all have twelve number in each group. In short, roulette symbol icon is very obvious and not complicated to decipher.

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Roulette Pay Out Table and Win Potential

Most gambling games depend on odds and roulette is no exception. So before you jump into it, you might find yourself at an advantage if you know the probability of your winning. But don’t expect too much because this might make you overly excited only to end up feeling disappointed later.

So here we will talk about our odds of winning while playing Roulette online. We will select the best combination with the highest possibility of winning. The best part of playing roulette on your desktop/smartphone is that you can learn on your own sitting on your comfy sofa. There is no need for going out and a bit of research will put you in the right place.

Before we get into it, we would like to confess that these tips won’t work 100% and all the time but we are talking about potential here. So there is no harm in increasing your probability of winning.

Also, the casino is no joke and it’s a big deal so things are bound to be a little twisty and hard-to-achieve. It is a game, sure, but a game that brings your money!

  • Tripling after you LOSE

As scary as this sounds, when playing in a real casino, it has been proven that doubling after a loss increases your chances of winning. Once you lose an amount, it is recommended to try doubling it on the next game and you can find yourself winning in most cases.

On a side note, it helps you make up for the loss you made at your previous game. But what about online roulette? Tripling! This might intimidate some of you but that’s how roulette wheel rolls. Roulette doesn’t sound very easy after all but then, if the stakes weren’t this high, then nobody would be interested. It’s partly the challenge that makes this game so popular.

  • Doubling after a victory

In online games, if you play your first game for ₹10,000 and end up winning, then next game is recommended to be of ₹20,000. And if luckily you win that one too, then the third has to be ₹40,000. Later, if you have had enough, then you can slowly stop the constant increment or try to add a small amount of increment.

  • Give preference to the European Roulette

The pay out remains the same in both the roulette styles but the wheels are different. American style roulette comes with an extra pocket. The European roulette has a better advantage, or house edge to be more technical, which makes it more preferable. So, you can check that out before selecting your game.

Roulette Bonus Features

To begin with, most roulette games come with an advantage of the welcome bonus. Just joining the casino gives a fair amount of bonus. Sometimes, if your luck is good, you might stumble upon a reload bonus. A reload bonus is a sort of surprise bonus for those loyal members who have been contributing constantly to a particular website. So keep your eyes wide open for these.

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Roulette Game Settings and How to Play

These are some of the buttons and settings option you will find while playing the game. Get yourself accustomed to the usage of each button.

  • The repeat button.

If you have sent a combination and wish to send the same combination for the second round, then the repeat button will help you place them exactly the same way.

  • Undo your mistake

You might find yourself mistakenly placing a set which you don’t wish to carry on. In such a situation, press the undo button which will undo and remove that set.

  • Clear

One can never be too sure and sometimes you find it is too late to clear. The clear button comes to rescue by helping you clear all the chips you have placed before going live.

  • Get the wheel spin

This might be obvious but there is no harm in repeating. The spin button should be pressed once you are 100% sure you have done it right. After you hit the spin button, there is no turning back- making it one of the most important button.

Playing roulette online is no rocket science but if you go into it without knowing nothing then you might bring a big loss before you even start.

To help you out, here are a few strategies that work wonders:

Always bet on the outside chances
It is always a best practice to bet on outside chances whether Dozens, Columns, Red/Block, High/Low or Odd/Even. You might find that winning these bets have marginal returns but do not underestimate them as they would eventually help you in winning the game.

Keep practicing
Playing roulette is no rocket science, however, you need to practice consistently to be a master at it. It is highly recommended to play at a free table to get an idea of the game and to clear your doubts. Once you are confident enough, enter a lobby and play to win.

Always bet an amount you can afford to lose
This is one of the important tips you should always adhere. Place your bet of only as much amount as you are confident to win, and or, can afford to lose. Supposedly, you started playing the roulette with ₹2,000. After a couple of hours, you have a total sum of ₹4,000 which means that you have a made a profit of ₹2,000.

This is the right time to withdraw the amount to your bank and start again with ₹2,000 as that’s the amount you can afford to lose.

Starters should only stick to European Roulette table
If you have just started playing Roulette, do not let the high returns of American roulette lure you. This is because the double 00 present in the American roulette undoubtedly increases the total profit, but then, do not forget that the chances of losing money are also high!

Play roulette online only with reputed casinos
You should be careful while playing roulette online. It is highly recommended to always crosscheck the pay out percentages before making an initial deposit. Also, make sure that the chosen casino works on the principle of random number generator.

Roulette Review Summary

All in all, roulette is a game that accepts strategy. Some people are deceived into believing it requires no effort and understanding. Unfortunately, these are the same people that lose and end up giving up on the same. The right way to tackle this fun game is by studying it and understanding how it works. Like everything else, this requires time and patience.
Here we have presented you with some simple strategies and important advice to keep in mind before diving into your online roulette game.