How the National Indian Lottery is Dealing with Online Lottery And Casino
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How the National Indian Lottery is Dealing with Online Lottery And Casino

How the National Indian Lottery is Dealing with Online Lottery And CasinoOnline gambling and lottery is still baffling in India. Online lotteries that are popular in the western world are less talked about in countries like India. India is a country that practices strict norms for public welfare, and in this scenario, discussing something about online casino games is still taboo. For years, there have been strict norms for online gambling, and this is the obvious reason that restricts Indians from trying their luck in such games.

With awareness, the norms are at an urge to change. Thanks to the internet, India is slowly adapting traditions followed in western land. Internet connects one part of the globe to another, and this has made gambling and online lottery games popular in India as well. The popularity of these games among Indians has made the government think again about the laws and regulations over the Indian lottery. It is hoped that soon India will welcome new online lottery games from the western world.

Even when there are strict laws on online lotteries in India, some online lottery games have already been played for years. Online lottery, gambling, and casino are some of the oldest known games played in India. Many game websites already allow the playing of these games online.

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All you need to know about the online lottery:

What is the online lottery?

Online lottery is a luck game that allows a player to select a number or a symbol from a given range. The winner is then selected by chance by drawing a lottery in which the winning ticket is the number drawn by chance. When played online, it negates the need of travelling to the actual site where a lottery is being played. To be a participant in an online lottery game, you just need to have an internet network so you can pick the perfect site for you.

The benefit of online lottery

  • Easy access
    Just by entering the site of the lottery, you can enjoy the lottery game at the comfort of your home. This means that the participant can win without actually traveling to the lottery site. This saves both money and time for the participant.
  • No need to wait
    Traditional lotteries require time to wait in a long queue to buy the ticket. After the declaration of results, one needs to again stand in a queue to check the number of winning tickets. This is no more required in online lottery games. You just need to have a stable internet connection to be a part of this game.
  • Wide varieties
    When playing online, you can choose from an array of options because different websites offer different types of lottery games.

Disadvantages of online lottery

  • Less chance of winning
    The online lottery games are based purely on luck. Even if you are a smart player, your winning will only be based on luck. There is less chance of winning in an online lottery because you are playing with a huge number of participants.
  • The danger of loss of information
    Many believe that the internet has scammers that can access the account information you provide to the site. By playing lottery games on genuine sites, this probability can be reduced because these sites are authentic and follow strict guidelines for maintaining your privacy.

Rules for online lottery

The online lottery is allowed only in a few states of India. Before playing online lottery games, it is important to know if it is permitted in your state or not.

All you need to know about online gambling:

What is online gambling?

Online gambling is a game of betting and winning. In these games, the participant puts a bet, and the winner is decided by draw. It is a luck game played on different online sites. There can be various online gambling games, and these are casinos, virtual poker, or betting sports games. Credit cards are often used to put a bet in such games.

The benefit of online gambling

  • Source of entertainment
    Various games in online gambling come as a mode of entertainment for players. Some play it to win, but for others, it is just a source of fun that they would like to enjoy even when they are not winning.
  • Available for all budgets
    Online gambling does not necessarily need a huge amount as an initial investment. Anyone with a small budget can also enjoy online gambling.
  • Variety of game choices
    There is a wide variety of games that can be enjoyed in online gambling. This includes sports betting, casino games, bingo, poker, etc.
  • Rewards
    The sites that allow online gambling often come with attractive rewards and bonuses. Many online casinos provide entry bonuses to players. Some sites provide extra funds as rewards for winning.

Cons of online gambling

  • Can be addictive
    The easy availability of online gambling games makes people easily carried away. They develop an addiction to such games, and thus one must play such games to a limited extent.
  • Risk
    Most of the companies that provide online gambling games are genuine and take all possible care to maintain the security of users, but some fraud companies are also in the market, creating a risk for players. In such a scenario, it is important to choose only genuine sites to play such games online.
  • Legal issues
    There are no particular laws in some states for online gambling, which makes it hard to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, but there are laws in some states, and it is easy to enjoy online gambling in such states.

Rule of online gambling

Online gambling is still restricted in some states of India. Some states have already adopted the central legislation, which is named “The Public Gambling Act 1867”, while others have their norms for gambling. Many states permit online gambling games like online poker.

Indian government planning for the betterment of online gambling:

Even when many websites provide a variety of online gambling and lottery games, it is important to know the rules and regulations that prevail in India. There are certain laws as imposed by the government of India. There are different norms for online lottery and gambling in different states of India. The regulations on the online lottery are state-based.

Each state in India follows its own set of regulations on online gambling. The central government of India imposed regulation on online gambling and lottery by four important laws:

  • The Lotteries Regulation Act 1988
    This law imposes restrictions on lottery games and formulates guidelines on them.
  • The Public Gambling Act 1867
    As per this law, the government has the right to punish anyone participating in public gaming.
  • Section 294-A of the Indian Penal Code 1860
    State governments can punish a lottery office that carries a lottery without authorization.
  • Section 30 of the Indian Contract Act 1872
    The state may choose to follow the central regulation for gambling or can impose its law. There are several other regulations formulated by different states for conducting lotteries. This includes the following:
  • The Delhi Public Gambling Act 1955
  • The Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act 1887
  • The Bengal Public Gambling Act 1867, etc.

As per regulations, there is no particular law that bans online lottery or online gambling and thus can be enjoyed in India. Currently, 13 states in India follow the rules to legalize lottery. States including Assam, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Maharashtra, Nagaland, West Bengal, etc. legalize the online lottery.

Even when there are regulations on the online lottery, lotto lovers are spread in all parts of India. They actively participate in several games conducted by several online websites.

Where to play the online lottery?

Even when there are different laws formulated and followed by the different states of India, there are no strict guidelines that ban online gambling by any means. All the rules that have been formulated by the government of India are to ensure that participants are not involved in the online lottery that may come like a trap or scam for the individual. It is thus advised to choose only regulated and genuine sites for playing the online lottery and online gaming.

There are sites like Lotto land that can be trusted for the lottery online. These sites are trusted online platforms that are governed by strict rules. Many other online sites are operated by international sites that allow Indians to play the lottery online. The international lotteries sites are non-Indian operating sites, and thus no Indian regulations are implied on such sites. Indians can participate in online gambling and lottery on these sites as well.

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Convenience comes with its own set of drawbacks, and some sites may create scams and traps for lottery players. When online lotteries are chosen for entertainment, it is important to remember that you choose a genuine site and do not get into such traps.

This entertainment also comes with a set of advantages such as rewards and bonuses, which can create a sense of addiction if habits are not maintained. It is thus important to put control over oneself to enjoy online lotteries for entertainment and not as an addiction.

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