Internet Gambling Among Teens and College Students
Viaan Patel - Content Manager

Internet Gambling Among Teens and College Students

internet gambling among teensGambling is a famous fun time for grown-up adults, but now college students and teens are also taking part in it.

The gambling activities include different games like betting on sports events, buying lotto tickets, enjoying casino-style gaming, and many more.

Even though adults have better control over gambling, it becomes difficult for teenagers and college students.

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A Small Introduction

One thing to remember is playing these casino games for a limited period won’t harm upcoming aspirants. Keeping the popularity in mind, you will find many of them are registering on different cricket betting apps present online. They transfer money to place bets on kabaddi and cricket matches. Bettors who think they have a good chance of winning the bet invest a good amount of money at bet cricket online India. The issue starts when they lose as all their money gets wasted.

Encounter Huge Losses

In order to recoup the losses, gamblers bet more funds, and this cycle keeps ongoing for some time till they are with no funds. Many times, it has happened that they are sunk into large debts. With that, they become a victim of depression and get distracted from their studies. Some gamblers borrow money from their friends and use it for gambling. When they are unable to win, the bettors have to look for other ways to clear off the debts.

More About Gambling

Earlier only land-based gambling was popular, and before a person could attain the age requirement, they could not play. But with the introduction of internet gambling, it has been extremely difficult to stop children as they can easily access it from their smartphones. In general, a substantially high percentage of young aspirants are interested in betting. Many of those bettors participating in these contests are not of legal age. Some of them might participate in gambling as the adolescents are asked about online sports pools.

A Real-Life Example

A cashier, G. Ravi Teja, worked at Nuzvid in the Krishna district for a nationalized bank. He was arrested for drawing funds from inactive accounts. This amount was more than ₹1.50 crore, and he did so to play internet gambling. He has placed wagers of around ₹3 lakh in a single day. After that, he has suffered huge losses, which has forced him to look for an alternative to clear off the debts. After a few days, his actions were detected, and the banking organization launched a complaint. Later, the police officer arrested him, and the case is still under investigation.

A local of Hanuman Junction, Venkatesh, who is 25 years old, killed himself after suffering huge losses. It happened after he started participating in online wagering. He died in a Telangana state, Tanduru.
N. Lokesh Verma, an engineering student, committed suicide by consuming drugs after losing a huge amount of money while betting on a Bangladesh-India cricket match. He was a resident of the Krishna district and was residing in Kalidindi. Following this event, a case was registered by the police officer to catch the other culprits.

In a district of West Godavari, a boy aged 24 years, K. Srihari, owned a chicken shop. After losing a wager on a cricket match in July, he ended his life. He was unable to repay the loan.

Consequences Of Online Gambling

Playing for a limited time will not have much impact on children. But if parents do not take care of them and if adolescents keep playing, they will start losing interest in their studies. They might become victims of alcohol and drug abuse, lose jobs and friends, start telling lies, start stealing things, have eating disorders, etc. The aspirants will also start investing more time in gambling instead of shaping their future. Online gambling has not yet been legalized, so parents have to be a little extra careful about their kids.

What To Learn from These Instances?

Online gambling for a limited time and money is not bad for both adults and students. With that, parents should keep an eye on their children to avoid them from getting addicted to gambling. Police officials should also look for illegal transactions to stop the illegal operations. Several illegal applications operate in the market as per a cybercrime official. At times, it might not be possible to track each app and here, parents can play a major role. They can check what their children are playing. If bettors are playing at illegal platforms, they can stop them.

Necessary Actions by Student Unions

Several activists of different student unions have been protesting for a long time. They are demanding that the government take a necessary step to stop online betting and gambling. Additionally, some social media groups need to be banned to prevent it.

How To Get Rid of Gambling Problems?

Parents must be thinking about how to help their children to overcome gambling activities. They should also know that the addiction will not go over time, and it will keep on worsening. The different ways to help their children overcome this addiction are:

Parents need to keep watch on what their children are accessing on smartphones. They should check where their children are investing money. If there is any unusual behaviour, they should soon look for a solution.

Nowadays, schools are educating students about gambling and how harmful they are. They also provide necessary treatments to students who are victims of internet betting.

Guardians must note the students’ activities and their changes in behaviour. If they come across something not normal, it would be best to get some expert help.

Educating families and children about gambling and how you do alcohol and drugs. Experts claim that it is better to treat gambling addictions early instead of delaying.

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The Ending Note

More than adults, college students and adolescents are now turning to internet gambling. But it is still illegal, and they should not invest their money on online betting sites. Even if they are doing it, it is recommended to invest a small amount on India bet sites for a limited time to try their luck.

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