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Do you enjoy online casino games, but are fed up of tackling computer programs and imaginary dealers? Do you want blackjack games to include real cards? Well, we have great news for you: live casinos have arrived. In live casinos, you get the opportunity to play against real live dealers so that you can enjoy a genuine sense of realism. Wondering what the idea of a live casino is? Carry on reading!READ MORE

What can live casinos offer you?

he online gaming experience has never been truly ideal because of its inability to accurately reproduce the environment of land-based casinos. Live casinos make it possible to fill this gap by enabling players to recapture the exhilarating atmosphere of real casinos. Several timeless games are now available live, starting with blackjack and roulette. Internet technology has advanced dramatically over the past decade. Nowadays, it is much easier for websites to broadcast live content to internet users around the world. Many online casinos have realized that streaming technology would improve the quality of their services. That’s why they took the initiative to design an interface that now offers live gaming session streaming (where real dealers shuffle the cards and operate the roulette wheel).
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To view the dealer’s moves live, players simply need a high-speed connection, a powerful computer and a built-in webcam. Some software developers (such as Microgaming and Playtech) have also developed platforms from which online casinos can broadcast their gaming sessions live. This allows players to enjoy a very high quality interface, which is both fluid and fast, with no delay. What drives many players to opt for live gaming is the realistic experience reproduced by streaming. Most live casinos also offer players the ability to engage in live chat conversations, enough to give a social dimension to live casinos (by artificially recreating the friendly atmosphere land-based casinos have).

What to know about live casinos?

  • Gaming sessions are broadcast via sophisticated state-of-the-art technology;
  • Live casinos offer a substantial range of live games and provide a realistic gaming experience;
  • Each live game is available in several variants and configurations.

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What are the advantages of live casinos?

Since live casinos use professional croupiers to distribute cards to players, most providers only have a limited number of live tables. In a standard online casino, the tables are managed by software which is responsible for randomly distributing cards to players, which some suspicious players are unsatisfied with. Indeed, they prefer to deal with a real dealer for fear of hackers breaking into the casino’s software to rig the draws. In fact, they approve of live croupiers using a real deck of cards rather than pre-programmed software.

Another positive feature of live casinos is concentration. In fact, while some players struggle to stay focused on the game they are part of (because of the monotonous automatic drawing), the involvement of live dealers increases their attention. They gain better understanding of the stakes as well as sharper reflexes. Finally, there is no denying that live games have a certain immersive value that is simply not found in other online casino games. Since the croupiers work in a professional setting, whether a studio or furnished room, you get the impression of being on the premises of a real brick-and-mortar casino.
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What are the drawbacks of live casinos?

Live casinos generally have only a small range of live games, often limited to roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In addition, the rhythm of live games is significantly slower than that of classic online games since there is a real person operating the roulette wheel, distributing the cards or throwing the dice. These manual actions have a longer run time than a random number generator would. While playing in a small live casino, the amount of live tables is sometimes not enough for a large number of players at a time. So, you would have to wait your turn. You may also be able to play certain live games only at certain times of the day. But if you enjoy land-based casinos, these limitations shouldn’t be a problem.

It is also important to think about the financial aspect of things. As you might imagine, running a live casino is an expensive operation. Responsible companies employ croupiers (and provide them with professional training), a room manager and a team of IT experts specializing in video streaming. The cost of all these personnel members has a direct impact on the cost of the games players take part in.

Finally, it is equally important to consider the possibility of human error. Although rare, there are unfortunate players who have gone through unpleasant experiences. This is particularly the case with games using cards (such as blackjack and baccarat). The probability of such an unfortunate event is minute, but it happened in the past. No croupier is immune to blunders. ‘Errare humanum est’, as the philosopher Seneca used to repeat.

Not all casino games are available live. Not because they are not popular, but because it is simply impossible to convert them to live format (in craps where only players can roll the dice, for example). However, there are several very popular casino games that have certainly succeeded in their changeover to live format. Below you will find a list of the games invariably found in the best live casinos:

Live roulette

Roulette is a game found in all online casinos that are worthy of the name. The popularity of this game is such that many software providers took the initiative to make it live. Instead of a random number generator, players deal with a real croupier whose actions are relayed in real time. This game mode also dispels the doubts (although there is no reason for any) of the most reluctant players who question the fairness of random number generators. All that is needed to do in live roulette comes down to confirming the type of bet you want to place and the live croupier takes care of the rest. Any winnings you accrue are credited directly to your account. Among the versions found in Indian live casinos are European roulette, American roulette and French roulette.

Live blackjack

Blackjack is also among the most popular casino games. All live casinos offer at least one version of live blackjack, if not more. In live blackjack, other players are able to sit at your table and participate in your game, just as in a real brick-and-mortar casino. Live blackjack accurately reproduces the thrills experienced in the world’s largest land-based casinos. If you’ve never played this game yet, feel free to check out our explanatory articles on online blackjack.

Live baccarat

When playing live baccarat, you get the opportunity to play with other players also involved in the streamed action. You can chat with them and the dealer through the live chat. You choose the type of bet you want to place by selecting it on your screen. It couldn’t be simpler. A timer alerts you when you can place your bet. As soon as the bet is placed on the player, banker or tie, the croupier deals the cards. If you win, your winnings are credited to your player account. Since baccarat attracts a lot of high-rollers, be aware that most live casinos offer baccarat versions with very high stakes.

Live Sic Bo

Originally from China, Sic Bo has outright success with Asian players in online casinos. In case you are unfamiliar with how Sic Bo is played, it is roughly a hybrid of craps and roulette. Players bet on the result of a dice roll. Like craps, the pace of Sic Bo is quite intensive. Over the years, its popularity has continued to grow, to the point where many casinos are now offering it live. Live Sic Bo has a croupier in charge of rolling the dice and determining the outcome of the round. As with other live games, you select the bets on your screen and your winnings are directly credited to your account in case of a victory.

Live Texas Hold’em

Live Texas Hold’em has really gained popularity over the years. This game has many similarities to Texas Hold’em, its eponymous counterpart. The main dissimilarity lies in the fact that live Texas Hold’em follows slightly different betting rules. It implies an ante bet and a qualifying hands system. In addition, you compete against the dealer (and not against other players). The croupier you are crossing swords with isn’t a software entity, but a real person whose moves are broadcast in real time by a set of cameras.

Live casino games on mobile devices

Being that most software developers provide live digital platforms that are compatible with most mobile interfaces, you can play any live casino game from your mobile device or touchscreen tablet. You can play wherever and whenever you want. The HD quality of the live games played is only compromised if the Wi-Fi speed is poor (or if the device being used is pretty old).
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Where does live casinos come from?

The online gaming industry is fairly young. It began to take root only in the mid-90s with the democratization of the internet. Despite some clumsy attempts to experiment with live games, online casinos initially had to settle for simple computerized virtual games. At the time, technology still couldn’t assure video stream of impeccable quality. Some software developers such as Playtech tried to launch a few multiplayer roulette games, but didn’t garner the expected success. Players had to settle for virtual games for years to come. But everything suddenly changed when Evolution Gaming stuck their oar in..

Play live games with Casumo!

Established in 2006, the company had already forged good partnerships with some of the big names in the online casino industry as early as 2007. Evolution Gaming decided to revive the concept of live casino by making deep changes. As technological advances became widespread (notably thanks to the high-speed internet), other developers followed suit and began to produce their own versions. Today, there is healthy competition between different market operators. It is the leading casino software vendors who provide the bulk of live gaming, namely Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Ezugi.

Play your favorite games in a live casino!

If you sorely miss the atmosphere in land-based casinos, but appreciate the convenience of online casinos, live casinos are for you. There is a real dealer who takes care of your game progress via cameras and webcams. You can play your favorite games live from any device. In addition to specific features, live casinos offer the opportunity to converse with other players. All you need to do is choose a live casino from our official list. Also claim your welcome casino bonus to start your live games with an extended bankroll. What could be better?

FAQ about live casino

While the classic online casino games are run by computer software, live casino games are hosted by a real dealer. Card shuffling and distribution aren’t performed by random number generators. In a live casino, it is a flesh-and-blood croupier who ensures the smooth running of the game. In addition, if you enjoy games involving some interactivity with other players, live casinos are definitely made for you.

Simultaneously uproarious, innovative and entertaining, live casinos offer players the opportunity to experience their passion for gambling from the comfort of their armchair. The games made available by the live casinos are the classic table games: roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Of course, the biggest live casinos won’t hesitate to introduce you to other exciting games like Texas Hold’em, Three-Card Poker, Dream Catcher, Wheel of Fortune, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Sic Bo or Caribbean Stud Poker.

Players used to the environment of land-based casinos may sometimes have difficulty making the transition to the online gaming world. To help them make the leap, casinos decided to introduce live dealers in order to mitigate the difference between land-based and virtual casinos. Live dealers, funnily enough, attract many online players because they inspire more confidence. The belief that a computer program distributes cards in a random and unbiased manner isn’t unanimously accepted. Moreover, there are worries that hackers can infiltrate the program and hijack the game to their advantage. This is impossible to act this way with live dealers.

Playing in a live casino instead of a land-based one has many advantages, especially at a time when virtuality equals reality. The gaming experience live casinos provide is comparable in all respects to that of a land-based casino. Needless to say, their advent in the online gaming world is due to constant technological breakthroughs. Players also have the opportunity to interact with the croupier as well as with other players from diverse backgrounds. After all, what could be better than chatting and socializing with your opponents during a game? While some gamblers may find their concentration waning when playing against software programs, live dealers help to captivate their attention through the interactivity.

Aaradhya Khan
Aaradhya Khan
Website Director
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