Lottery In India – The History from Beginning Until Now
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Lottery In India – The History from Beginning Until Now

lottery in indiaThe lottery is a game of chance, and many people try their luck to win big prizes. Some people are so lucky to win a huge amount in the first strike itself. It can sometimes be tricky to win, so you have to carefully wager the amount. A section of people is there who might have spent their entire life in the lottery but haven’t won any amount.

There are times when you can withdraw bigger draws, and the amount can go up to crores. One important thing is it has been helpful for Indian citizens who had a financial crisis. Over the years, from the traditional physical form of gambling, it has moved to online cricket bet sites. To learn more about the history of the lottery in India, you can spend some time reading this news article.

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The History of Lottery in India

The lottery is dated back to the Vedic period in India, and at that time, bettors used to place wagers on land, houses, precious metals, and slaves. Whoever used to participate in the lottery had high hopes of winning it. That’s why they used to wager high stakes that led to economic misery. Seeing the lottery addiction in people, many private firms started to offer lottery services.

The Introduction of Other Forms of Lotteries

In India, Britons introduced several other forms of lotteries that involved birds and animals’ competition. They could either race or fight here, and bettors can place a wager on one animal. If they win, the stakes give them their winning profits. The animals included are cocks for fighting and horses and dogs for racing.

What Happened in 1967?

The Kerala Government made a difference in 1967, considering how the lotteries were played. A national lottery was created, and all other private lotteries were banned. Every gambler who attained the legal age could participate in the lottery.
It was done to make sure that the state citizens do not get addicted to gambling to a great extent. Seeing this change, the other states also implemented the same idea. That’s why they have managed to hold many national lottery competitions.

The Modern Way of Gambling

Gamers interested in playing do not have to visit lottery venues to play. In spite of that, they can easily do it from their homes. It gives them the comfort and the feasibility to play anywhere. Modern lotteries are available online, and anyone can participate in them.

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A person needs to pay an entry fee and play online. A wide range of options are available, and gamblers can choose one they like the most. With time, lotteries tend to evolve as the features keep getting upgraded.

The Weekly Lotteries in Kerala

With the widest selection of lotteries in Kerala, Gamblers can enjoy some big amounts. The Kerala State Lotteries Department was offering seven weekly lotteries. You can also explore more lotteries at the biggest festivals like Dussehra, Vishu, Onam, and Christmas. The seven weekly lotteries are:

The Pournami Lottery:
In this category, the whole ticket costs Rs. 750 whereas a single one is Rs. 30. By playing this lottery, a person can win a lottery of Rs. 70,00,000, and every Sunday, the draws are held.

The Sthree Sakthi:
This lottery ticket costs Rs. 30, and the whole one is Rs. 750. Every Tuesday, the draws are held, and the maximum winning amount is Rs 60,00,000.

The Win-Win Lottery:
Every Monday, the lottery tickets are withdrawn, and the maximum amount one can grab is Rs 65,00,000. The minimum cost of the ticket is Rs. 30, and the maximum prize is Rs. 750.

The Nirmal Lottery:
Every Friday, the draws are held, and Rs. 60,00,000 is the maximum jackpot amount to win. The ticket cost for the Nirmal lottery is the same as The Win-Win Lottery.

The Karunya Plus:
The price of the Karunya Plus Lottery is Rs. 40 and Rs. 1000 is the whole ticket book. On Thursdays, the draws are held, and the maximum jackpot to win is Rs 80,00,000.

The Akshaya Lottery:
The specifications are similar to the Nirmal Lottery, but they are held every Wednesday.

The Karunya Lottery:
It costs Rs.40, and the whole ticket book comes at Rs. 1000. One can win a maximum jackpot of Rs. 80,00,000, and draws are made every Saturday.

List Of People Who Have Win Big by Playing Lotteries

Here are the names of Indians who have won a big amount by playing big.

Azad Singh:
He is from a district in Punjab, Fatehabad, who has bought lottery tickets for the first time. In 2017, he won a whopping prize of Rs 1.5 crores.

A.K. Mohammad Basheer:
A Kerala resident, 62 years old, had a miraculous escape in 2016. He was travelling in the fight, Emirates EK521, which caught fire. After his death, he became a millionaire by claiming a winning lottery ticket.

Harikrishnan V Nair:
Harikrishnan, a business development manager, worked in a firm in Dubai and won a lottery of $3.2 million that equalled Rs. 208 crores. He won this amount in January 2018 and purchased different lottery tickets.

Renu Chauhan:A resident of Amritsar, Punjab, Renu Chauhan, had purchased a lottery of Rs. 100. Her luck was so good that she won a whopping 1 crore in February 2021.

Sharafudeen:The state government of Kerala runs the Kerala State Lotteries scheme. Here the winning prize can go up to crores. A resident of Kollam district, Tamil Nadu, who is 46 years old, got a whopping reward of 12 crores on Christmas New Year in January 2021.

Final Thoughts

July 17 is marked as National Lottery Day, where you can buy tickets and try your luck. Not only the lottery but you can also try your luck on cricket betting sites. The lucky ones can win exclusive amounts by investing a small value. But remember that winning is always not possible, so you should wager wisely.

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