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Chances are big that you have amassed a bit of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies during these times. Apart from just staring at the charts, hoping for big gains, you could also have a bit of fun with your Bitcoin and other cryptos by playing games like Bitcoin roulette.

In this Bitcoin roulette guide, we will tell you exactly what the best Bitcoin roulette sites are, where you can play free Bitcoin roulette, what the best Bitcoin roulette Reddit groups are to follow, and how the game is different from regular roulette with Rupees, U.S. Dollars, or other fiat currencies.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of Bitcoin roulette and explain to you the concept of Bitcoin roulette no account. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites

From the table below you can see which online casinos we have ranked as the best Bitcoin roulette sites. At these sites, you will get the highest bonuses and payouts as an Indian roulette player. You can also choose to play the lowest min bet live Bitcoin roulette or Bitcoin roulette with fast spin at some of these sites.

Best Bitcoin Roulette Reddit Groups

If you want to stay in touch with other Bitcoin roulette players or maybe even make new friends online, then these are the best Bitcoin roulette Reddit groups to join:

  • BitcoinGambling
  • CryptoGambling
  • BTCGambling

How is Bitcoin roulette different than normal online roulette?

Bitcoin roulette is a bit different than normal online roulette. First of all, you are able to withdraw your winnings must faster. All bets are made in crypto, with makes withdrawing to your own wallet very easy and fast compared to normal bank or e-wallet withdrawals made at online casinos in Indian Rupees or other fiat currencies.

It is also a lot safer to play Bitcoin roulette than normal roulette, as your cryptocurrency wallet gets linked with the casino and all transactions are logged on the blockchain. The casino has to pay you out in the case of a win and cannot deny or tamper with the transaction data as all Bitcoin network users would be able to see this on the ledger.

Another big advantage of playing Bitcoin roulette is that you can play it completely anonymously. You don’t need to give your name, personal details, or card information to the casino and you just connect with your cryptocurrency wallet. Of course, Bitcoin roulette is played with Bitcoin and not with fiat currencies.

This means all your bets are displayed in Satoshi or denominations of Bitcoin like centiBitcoin (cBTC): 0.01 BTC, milliBitcoin (mBTC): 0.001 BTC, and deciBitcoin (dBTC): 0.1 BTC. It might be a bit difficult to get familiar with in the beginning, but you will learn quickly how these Bitcoin denominations convert to Indian Rupees. In some online casinos, you can even choose to be paid out either in Bitcoin or Rupees, if you want.

Bitcoin roulette no account

At some online casinos, you don’t even need to create an account first to be able to play free Bitcoin roulette or Bitcoin roulette with real money. These are so-called Pay ‘n Play casinos. You simply connect your MetaMask or other cryptocurrency wallet or deposit from your external crypto wallet to the casino’s crypto deposit address to receive your credits or funds to play Bitcoin roulette with.

These types of online casinos don’t require any form of personal information from you and you can even request withdrawals without providing a copy of your passport, driver’s license, or Aadhaar card.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette

Playing Bitcoin roulette has both pros and cons. In this section of our crypto roulette guide, we will discuss these pros and cons so that you know exactly what to expect.

The pros of Bitcoin roulette are that you play completely anonymous and with crypto instead of Rupees, that it is much safer because all transactions are logged on the blockchain’s ledger, that you can withdraw your winnings faster, and that you don’t pay any deposit, withdrawal or currency conversion fees.

The disadvantages of playing Bitcoin roulette are that it might be difficult to accurately keep track of how much you are winning or losing because the bets and balances are shown in denominations of Bitcoin, that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are volatile, and that it is still not a household payment method.

This means not every casino accepts Bitcoin deposits and that Bitcoin goes up and down a lot in price, which can cause your winnings or losses to be more or less, depending on the current Bitcoin price.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casinos
Pros Cons
  • Completely Anonymous
  • Faster withdrawals
  • No fees for depositing or withdrawing
  • Hard to track how much you are winning or losing
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are volatile
  • Bitcoin not accepted at all online casinos

Bitcoin Roulette Conclusion

In this Bitcoin roulette guide, we have covered all there is to know about Bitcoin roulette. You now know what the best online casinos are that offer the game to Indian players, what the pros and cons of playing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are, what the best Bitcoin roulette Reddit groups are to follow, and how Bitcoin roulette no account casinos work.

FAQ about Bitcoin Roulette

If the online casino you play the game at has a valid gambling license, then playing Bitcoin roulette with them is legal.
Some online casinos allow you to withdraw both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Other online casinos only allow cryptocurrency withdrawals. We recommend you check this out on the website of the casino where you want to play before playing.
Yes, some cryptocurrency casinos offer welcome bonuses to new Indian Players. You can use these casino bonuses to play Bitcoin Roulette at these casinos.

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