Online Lottery in India

You would agree with us that India is not exactly a lottery friendly country. Still, Indians are fond of the lottery and love to gamble online.
Not many people know that lottery is a legal activity in India and you can place bets without getting worried.
You might not see that coming, but you can even play the lotteries of other countries just by residing at your home. We do not need to mention that lotteries outside India are pretty big, and you have a chance to play them.Read more..

Speaking technically, betting on the online lotteries is legal in various states of India, while illegal in others. This is because every Indian state has its own jurisdiction according to which they have either legalized or criminalized the entire lottery industry.
If you want to play lotteries, you should be at least 18 years of age and should reside in any of the following Indian states – Goa, Sikkim, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

So, how do you recognize the fair lottery system from a fake? What are the best online lottery websites in India? What all factors do you need to keep in mind while buying lotteries online? Well, Online Gambling Guru is at your rescue. We have reviewed some of the best online lottery websites to provide you with the genuine feedback.

Benefits of Buying Lottery Tickets Online

There are various benefits of buying lottery online. Here are a few of them:


You no more need to enter a certain lottery and provide the winning combination. With the help of autoplay feature, your saved number is replayed game after game and the payment is made through direct debit.
Thus, this saves you from any trouble which you might have to go through with otherwise.

Play on the go

Since you do not need to visit any brick and mortar store for playing the lotteries, you can play the lotteries online throughout the day at the time of your comfort. You can also download the related apps and play on the go, in addition, to managing your account and performing other tasks.

More games and better prize money

This is a well-established fact that online lotteries provide better prize money and also have a vast variety for you to choose from.

Best Online Lottery Websites

Online Gambling Guru is on a mission of providing the best gambling information to its users. This is the reason why we provide best online lottery website reviews in addition to providing casino reviews, casino games reviews, an indian rummy reviews slot games reviews and so on.

We have a highly quality-centric approach and make sure that all the lottery websites suggested by us our reliable and perfect.

This is why our industry experts had conducted an extensive research and have taken various factors in mind while suggesting you the best lottery portals:

  • We check the terms of service, license information and privacy policy of the concerned lottery websites before suggesting them to you.
  • We have tested the credibility of the websites by playing the lottery on various websites before reaching a conclusion.
  • In addition to paying attention to the user feedback, we have also kept in mind various other factors like user registration process, the withdrawal process, customer support interaction, the user experience and so on to deliver you nothing but the best.

FAQs Related to Online Lotteries

Is it completely safe to play lotteries online?
Yes, it is almost safe to play lotteries online. However, you should conduct research at your own end and ensure that the website you are dealing with is legitimate.
Let’s not forget that there are various fake websites which are there to take your money. As a matter of fact, the legitimate and authentic lottery websites are regulated by a gambling commission which ensures that all the concerned websites meet the strict standards. Further, the best lottery websites are SSL encrypted which speaks about their transparency.

How do Online Lotteries Work?

You can play lotteries with the help of various lottery websites. All you need to do is place the bets on lottery games through your mobile or computer.
All you need to do is choose an online lottery website, register yourself and start playing. There are various variants of lotteries prevalent today including the likes of raffles, virtual scratch card, and others.
If you tend to win, you will either receive the money in your account, or you would be required to claim it in person.

Indian Online Casinos that offer Online Lottery – 2019

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Who is a Lottery Agent?

Consider lottery agent as a middleman. They help you bridge the gap between international lottery games and you. They enable you to play lotteries at any corner of the World, whether it be in Europe, Brazil, Canada, United States or Australia.

A lottery agent will essentially go out and buy tickets for you. They will scan the ticket and send a copy of the scanned ticket to you and would keep the original.

Basic Online Lottery Strategies


Numerology is said to work at times for various players. Numerology is a system which predicts the lucky number to you based on your birth date, month and year. In addition, it also brings into consideration other important life events like your wedding date or the date of your graduation and so on.

Hot and cold

This method is very commonly adopted. Herein, you are just required to research the lucky numbers which made the players win the lotteries in the past 12 months and aim for the similar numbers.

Recommended Online Lottery Websites in India 2019

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