Slot Machines

Slot machines are not new to the world of gaming and gambling; they have always been an integral part of the casino for a long time now. While these casinos initially made a major part of their money from Blackjack and other similar card games, slot machines and games have recently started experiencing success in these places. The basic idea is simple in a slot game.

We have a machine that is operated on a side by a lever and the player wins or loses by the patterns that appear on the screen. There can be 5-reel shots, 6-reel shots, 9-reel shots and the likes. Read more..

Why Are Slot Machines So Popular?

The primary reason can be attributed to their fair and random calculations. This means the payout cannot be predicted at any point in time. It is independent of the time of the day, the week or even the number of players. The slot machine effectively is engaged in calculating random codes throughout the day. This is what ensures the randomness of the results.
This is true even for the online slot machine games. No machine or slot can be due for a certain payout based on calculations. The results and the chances of a win are completely random.

Fun Facts About Slot Machines

  • Slot machines are most popular and widely accepted in Las Vegas. According to the estimates, there is one slot machine for every eight people in Las Vegas.
  • The record win for a player in a slot machine stands at $1 million. Prior to that, a man held the record of $65,000 in a single slot machine up until 2001.
  • The record largest slot machine was sized at 2.5 meters in height. In fact, owing to its size and weight, the lever could not be pulled by one person or a group of people together. Instead, it had to be pulled by a five Horsepower engine. However, since the machine came with 20 symbols and 8 reels, the chances of winning in the machine was very low.
  • 1895 introduced the concept of a slot machine to the world. This machine was designed by Charles Fey and the payout back then was fifty cents.
  • When a player is engaged in a slot machine, they have nothing in their power to change the result since the numbers are completely random.

Five Categories of Slot Machines

Three-reel slots

These classic slots trace their roots back to 1899 and prove to be the most popular slot machine still. This is a traditional yet interesting slot game to try your hand at gambling. Each of these reels might contain anything between 10 to 32 symbols.
In fact, if you are transferring the same slot machine to the online virtual platform, one can accommodate any number of these symbols as there are no restrictions. Three reel slot machines have basically been the foundation of the slot games. The combinations can be experimented with in order to increase the thrill of the game.

Multi-playline shots

The concept of a multi-playline slot is rather simple. While the traditional three reel slots depended mainly on the occurrence of the same symbol in one line, nowadays, the five reel shots tend to have multiple such playlines.
As a player, you could bet on either one or more playlines for higher win chances. Each winning playline would consist of 2 or 3 symbols from each line.

Video slots

These slot games came into the existence in the 1970s. The big advantage here was that the slot machine did not have physical restrictions of mechanics or dimensions. It comprised of digital spinning wheels and a spin button and the rest is self-explanatory. This included the concepts of the bonus game, free rounds, and the likes. This particular slot game laid the foundation for the online slot games.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots come right after video slots and are a lot more rewarding than the previous versions. Here, effectively, the jackpot keeps growing as the number of players keeps increasing. This grows till such time someone hits the winning combination. This works more like a cumulative jackpot and proves to be very beneficial for the players.
The biggest advantage here is that the slot machines across an entire casino could be linked together to form the ultimate jackpot.

3D slots

With the growth of technology, the world of slot games introduced the concept of 3D slots. This includes 3D characters and narratives to make the slot machines a lot more interactive and lively. This could mean the use of cartoon characters or characters based on your favourite movies and TV shows.
This makes the whole concept of a slot machine a lot more fun and engaging. 3D slots adapt to the current social culture and trend.

Best Indian Slot Machine Players

Indian slot machine players have a number of different options to choose from. There are quite a few slot development companies in the likes of NetEnt, QuickSpin, and the likes. All of these sites could give you access to online casinos where you could try your luck in slot games. NetEnt, for instance, brings the concept of video slots closer to the players. The company is known for providing gaming and gambling solutions online casinos across India. The digital casinos are unique, entertaining and rewarding for the users.

Microgaming is yet another online casino gaming service provider. Managed by the UK Gaming Commission, this company takes pride in its online casino products and services. You could take part in single-player games, multi-player games, different versions of slot games and the likes.
YggDrasil is a website that combines the goodness cutting-edge technology and the passion of gaming to bring you the best online casino and gaming station. Finally, QuickSpin, as the name suggests, is a great platform for hosting and engaging in slot machine games in India. Video slots are the most popular choice of gambling in this website. Customized slot games also make the process more interesting.

Likewise, there are a lot of other companies that give access to the casino and gambling enthusiasts across India. You will find a lot of information about NetEnt, Microgaming, TggDrasil, QuickSpin and the likes on our website.

Requirements for Playing Online Slots

The best part about engaging in online slots with the help of these websites is the fact that there are no separate software requirements. How is it so? All of these websites featuring slot machine games are constructed with HTML5. This means you can play the games online. You would not require any additional software to be downloaded or Flash to be installed on your system.

All you would have to do is just visit one of the casino platforms and get cracking, trying your luck out at different slot games from India. An Indian address would be required to get yourself registered and started at these websites.
Real casinos would never be able to match the opportunities and options provided by the online version of the slots game. The latter can be customized to suit the choices and preferences of the user. Combined with high-end graphics and audio, online slots could well be the most popular engagement for a slots enthusiast.