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Slot machines
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There are so many slot machines and so little time to discover them all. If you are an unapologetic slot machine enthusiast, there is no need for us to tell you about the impressive variety of so-called ‘one-arm bandits’. We take the liberty of claiming to be real experts in slot machines. As such, we intend to share our knowledge with you so that you can be taken as an expert on slots by the end of this article. Slot machines are not new to the world of gambling: they have always been an integral part of the casino universe for a long time now. Let’s start at the beginning!

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What are the different types of slots?

Classic slots – They usually have three reels (instead of the five-reel machines everyone is used to). Classic slot machines were the very first ones to be converted to digital format. They sport the traditional symbols that spring to mind when thinking about slot machines, and have fewer paylines than five-reel slots. However, this does not lessen their large available range of bonuses and fun details. If you are the type to appreciate traditionalism, classic slots are made for you. They are distinctive by virtue of their fruit symbols (lemons, oranges, cherries, watermelons …) and lively sound effects.

Multi-line video slot machines – Since the advent of classic slot machines, they have evolved to become five-reel machines that offer a slew of bonuses, with side games as well as features designed to significantly improve the software platform. There are also more paylines than classic slot machines have and the symbols played with usually match the theme of their slot machine. Multiple paylines can increase bet size. Also, without taking proper care of your bankroll, it can disappear like water in a sieve. Whether physical or virtual, video slots are the most popular thanks to their unparalleled entertainment. Moreover, they demand less thought than 3D slot machines.

slots3D slot machines – These are slot machines that were created not long ago. If you thought the intrigues and side games of video slots were captivating, just wait and see what 3D experiences have in store! They bring the world of slot machines to a whole new level: an epic first-person implementation that catapults players into games of real adventure.

You have to solve a criminal investigation, travel around the world, select which character to play as, and decide how you want the story to proceed. 3D slot machines offer an enjoyable experience comparable to modern video games. In addition to the financial benefits available to win, you also get the mental satisfaction of completing your assigned missions. If you like adventure games, you are sure to like 3D slot machines.

Progressive slots – Progressive slots are like video slots in all aspects, except for the fact that they are associated with a progressive jackpot. This means that the house collects a small percentage of the bets placed by players to feed a constantly expanding jackpot which can be won by any player who must place the maximum bet to be eligible for it. Progressive jackpots can be linked to a single machine or a group of slot machines belonging to the same online casino. Needless to say, these jackpots can reach astronomical amounts. Remember that to be eligible for a progressive jackpot, you must have placed the maximum bet.

How to play slots?

You may not know it, but there are many variations of slot machines in Goa, Sikkim and casinos around the world. There are also different ways of playing … How should you place bets? How much money should you wager? How can you bring down the house edge? How to maximize chances of winning the jackpot? So many complex questions you should be asking before laying hands on a slot machine. Here, we don’t neglect any details. We will have a look first at how to play slots. Afterwards, we will answer any questions you might be asking about slots.

Why play online slot machines?

  • You can win a big jackpot with minimal investment;
  • Learning the rules of virtual slots is no big deal;
  • Modern slot machines feature outstanding graphics and themes featuring your favorite series, songs and movies;
  • They offer ‘Return to Player’ rates that can come close to 99%!

slot machinesThe first thing to ask when taking your place at a slot machine is what kind of experience you are looking for. Do you prefer classic three-reel slots featuring fruit symbols or do you prefer ultra-modern slot machines offering dozens of paylines? As soon as you have chosen the type of slot machine that best suits your needs, it is time to decide on your betting amount.

On most slot machines, it is usually possible to bet between one and five units. Note that the value of each betting unit depends on the machine in question. On most machines, it is usually equivalent to ₹10 or so. However, it can fluctuate greatly. The multiplier is also something to take into account when validating your bet. But in any case, you will certainly be able to find an online slot machine that suits your budget. Similarly, online casinos for high rollers also allow bets of ₹500, ₹1,000, ₹1,500, ₹2,000 (or even more) on each reel spin.

Choose a machine that fits your budget and play the maximum bet!

Many experienced players recommend choosing a slot machine that fits your budget, and playing the maximum bet in each round. The reason for this is that the winnings you earn after placing the maximum bet are greater than what you would pocket by placing a single betting unit. For example, instead of betting a ₹500 betting unit, it is better to stake five ₹100 betting units. The cost of it is exactly the same, but the chances of winning larger gains are increased. The overwhelming majority of online slots offer the option of changing the bet size. You can play laughable amounts (a few rupees) or very large sums (several thousands of rupees). After deciding on the bet size, simply press the ‘Spin’ button to activate the rotation of the reels.

Remember that you can change the bet size at any time!

If you press the ‘Spin’ button and are not satisfied with the result, remember that nothing is forcing you to keep betting the same amount. You can change the size of your bets after each spin. Of course, it is completely logical to bet the maximum amount on each round. But if you are nervous about seeing your budget melt away after a few unsuccessful attempts, feel free to drop the ambition of hitting the jackpot and decrease your bet size. The fun of playing slots doesn’t necessarily come from the massive winnings you could accrue. If you want to have a good time, place minimal bets to make the fun last!

How to win at slots?

As soon as you have placed money in a slot machine and activated the reel spin, your mission is already over. Your win depends on three factors: the layout of the symbols on the different reels, the number of symbols needed to win profits and the amount of winning symbols arranged on the paylines you activated with your bet. Nowadays, there are an impressive number of slot machines as well as a multitude of ways to win. It is possible to not even notice that you have won by looking at the final layout of the reels …

The rules of good, old slot machines are easy as pie. They usually only have three reels and a horizontal payline (the middle one). By getting three identical symbols (fruits, BAR symbols, liberty bells, ingots …) on the middle payline, you get winnings. The payout table of each symbol is shown above or to the right of the screen. In the past, a victory set off coins raining down into the machine’s receptacle. In online casinos, obviously, wins result in the addition of credits that you can cash in (or use to take part in other rounds).

There are multiple ways to win at slots!

As stated earlier, there are many variations of slot machines. You can really pick and choose: slot machines with enormous progressive jackpots, slot machines with themes showcasing your favorite TV series … The digital industry’s technological rise brought the emergence of virtual slot machines with breathtaking graphics that enable you to win in several different ways. Some modern machines have up to a hundred paylines that can all be activated by placing a cumulative bet. The most common slot machines have five reels and about thirty paylines. Before starting a game, it is better to be aware of the number of paylines your bet will activate and the shape they take (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag …).

it came from venus slot machine

How to play multi-line slots?

The rules of online slots are slightly more complicated than those of physical slots found in brick-and-mortar casinos. Not only do they have more reels and paylines (which go in all directions), they can also feature many bonus add-ons (free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, free games …). The fact that they are a little more complicated is quite a good thing, strictly speaking. These features provide greater opportunities for winnings. Most online slot machines have five reels and about thirty paylines that can be activated. If one of the paylines contains a winning combination, you pocket the winnings accordingly.

What are the main features of online slots?

Bonus gamesA bonus game is a spin-off game of slot machines. It is triggered by succeeding in getting a particular combination on the reels (or by obtaining one or more bonus game symbols). Bonus games provide the opportunity to win quite substantial sums.
Wild symbolsMany virtual slot machines have wild symbols that can be substituted for any other symbol to form a winning combination. In addition, the combination of several wild symbols can also generate significant gains or trigger a bonus game.
Free spinsMost (if not all) virtual slots offer free spins. As the name suggests, these are gratuitous spins that you can profit from after getting a particular combination. Free spins also lead to unique prizes during game sessions.
Scatter symbols Scatter symbols generate additional payouts, wherever they are on the reels. As you will have realized: scatter symbols don’t necessarily have to be on a payline to generate winnings. Prices differ from machine to machine. They can also trigger bonus games, unlock free spins or act as multipliers that swell your winnings.
Progressive jackpots Some slot machines are linked to progressive jackpots. On this type of machine, a small portion of the bets placed by players is withdrawn in order to feed a collective jackpot. This money is awarded to the lucky devil who has the good fortune of getting a very rare combination of symbols.

How to choose a winning slot machine?

In a word: impossible! The best thing to do is choosing the slot machine that offers the most advantageous payout rate for its players (between 95% and 98%). But it is absolutely impossible to determine which machine will make you win. Each online slot machine is controlled by a random number generator. The random number generator has a set number of winning combinations in accordance with the payout rate of the slot machine in question. Most online slot machines pay out between 90% and 98% of the bets they absorb.

Each time the reels of an online slot machine are activated, the random number generator transmits a computer code to the reels indicating the combination to display. It goes without saying that the total number of possible combinations depends on the amounts of reels and symbols. For example, there are 8,000 possible combinations on a slot machine with 3 reels and 20 symbols. Obviously, the fewer reels and symbols the machine has, the greater your chances of winning the jackpot (since the number of possible combinations is more limited). On the other hand, on slot machines with many reels and symbols, winning combinations are more common. You earn small sums on a recurring basis. It’s up to you to find which version you prefer more.

Online casinos offer an impressive variety of virtual slots. Most of them have hundreds of options in their game libraries. However, the quality of service that performance providers offer is not all equal. The best Indian online casinos offer more advantageous conditions and better payout rates than their lower-priced competitors. In all cases, it is better to review the different providers in the market to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, we have done the work for you!

online slotsThe best part about engaging in online slots with the help of these websites is the fact that there are no separate software requirements. All of these websites featuring slot machine games are constructed with the HTML5 markup language.  This means you won’t require any additional software to be downloaded or Flash to be installed on your system.

Online slot bonuses

In recent years, slots with bonus games have garnered the favor of players around the world. What is the reason for that? Well, who would spit on a bonus graciously offered by the house? But is it or isn’t it advisable to play on a slot machine that offers bonus games? That is the question. If you have never played on this type of machine before, you may be a little apprehensive. However, you would be wrong to think that there is anything fishy about it. Indeed, unlike the casino bonuses that online operators award at registration, bonus games are an essential component of modern online slots. As a rule, bonus games are unlocked when players manage to get a combination of specific symbols. These bonuses offer opportunities to earn additional winnings or win extravagant prizes.

How to identify slots with bonus games?

In the middle of the twentieth century, slot machines only had three rotating reels, each of which was embellished with ten symbols. As a result of technological developments, three-reel mechanical slot machines gradually made way for five-reel electronic slot machines. It took until the 90s to introduce video slots with bonus games. Although there are now three-reel slot machines with bonus games, it must be pointed out that the vast majority of slot machines with bonus games have five reels. Besides for the graphics and theme, each machine is controlled by its own rules and features. Also, it is up to you to identify the machines with bonus games by carefully reading the rules of each of them.

How to unlock a slot machine bonus?

As most slots players know, it is the final position of the symbols on separate reels that determines whether or not they have a win. Each online slot machine is controlled by a number generator that ensures that results are generated completely randomly. With slot machines with bonus games, you already know that bonus games are unlocked by specific symbol combinations. However, every bonus game has its unique sparkle. As such, it is always better to find out the rules of the slot machine you want to play. Similarly, check out the different types of bonuses to find out what to expect. We have listed them below.

What are the different slot bonuses?

Many video slots scattered around the online casino universe have bonus games. However, it is quite possible for these to differ greatly between slot machines. Indeed, these bonuses can take various forms (free spins, Pick a Box, Hold n’ Spin…). Here is an explanatory guide to clarify them.

Slot BonusDescription
Free spinsWhen playing slot machines, players can win free spins if they manage to get a specific combination of symbols. There is no limit to the number of free spins you can win. When the required symbols appear on the screen, the free spin feature automatically turns on. Credits earned by the end of the free session are added to your existing balance.
Cascading reelsCascading reels are among the most common bonus types in the world of virtual slots. In those games, various symbols fall down to supplant other symbols on the screen. The new symbols act like wild symbols in that they can be substituted for other ones to form winning combinations. They also act as multipliers by increasing the size of the winnings.
Hold n’ SpinUnlike classic bonuses that generate totally random results, Hold n’ Spin bonuses enable you to manipulate the reel positions in order to get the combination of symbols you are trying for. When this feature is active, you can block some reels while restarting others. You are also able to control the rotation speed of the reels.
Pick a BoxAnother very interesting bonus game that can occasionally be activated on some online slots: Pick a Box. As with all bonus games, this feature can only be unlocked if you manage to get a certain combination of symbols. Each box has a specific price: it may be of low value or of great value. The prize you win depends entirely on the box you choose. As you’ve guessed it, it is impossible to know which prize is hiding behind each box. Some slot machines also offer ‘Pick a Box’ games staggered over several levels of progression.
Multi-levelSome slot machines have bonus games staggered over several levels (enabling more winnings to be earned as they progress). Players who manage to unlock this type of bonus progress from level to level until they lose.
Scratch cardsSome slot bonuses come in the form of scratch cards. As soon as you get the right symbols, a pop-up window appears. You simply have to scratch the virtual card’s varnished foil to see the price behind it.

What do progressive jackpots bonuses look like?

Progressive slots give opportunities for any player to pocket huge jackpots. Each progressive slot machine has features that help improve winnings. The bonuses you can claim on progressive machines are usually much more lucrative than ordinary slots. This is due to the fact that progressive jackpots are all connected. Jackpots have the potential of thousands of dollars in winnings. And there are a few that proffer millions of dollars (providing you manage to get them). In any case, remember that you must always place the maximum bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

Where do slot machines come from?

Slots are ubiquitous. They are found in both physical and virtual casinos (and even in McCarran Airport in Las Vegas). Slot machines have a humble history. The story of slots began in the late 19th century when a mechanic of German descent, August Fey, built a metal machine in San Francisco with three rotating reels with various assorted symbols, including a liberty bell. Anyone who managed to align three identical symbols in the central window of the machine got a prize.

The concept enticed the crowds and, less than a decade later, the famous Bell machines were born. New symbols were added for them. Mass-produced and selling like hot cakes throughout the United States, the original machines did not have cash outlets. The winnings were paid in kind (cigars, gourmet baskets, free drinks …) to circumvent the mandatory legislation on gambling.

liberty bell slot machine

When gambling was legalized in 1931 in Nevada, machines with coin trays appeared in local casinos. In the 60s, Bally replaced some of the mechanical components in classic slot machines with electronic ones in order to simplify the payment system. It enabled Bally to become a leader in the market at the time. Nowadays, slot machines have a wealth of features. Some still have a side lever for activating the reels, but most are furnished with buttons. You can win on multiple paylines and even get a progressive jackpot.

Slot machines have also conquered the world of the web. When online casinos began to make their appearance in the late 90s, virtual slot machines were quickly introduced with them. They worked the same way as their physical counterparts, except that there was no longer any need to lug around pails of coins to play … As online games evolved, virtual slots acquired a solid reputation and there is nothing to portend any possible decline in it.

Play online slots now!

We promised you a comprehensive article on slots and we think that we’ve honored our commitment. Slots are among the most popular games in the casino world. They can now be played from your computer, mobile device or tablet. By playing online, get players their money’s worth. And who knows? With a stroke of luck, you could get a sum of money that could permanently change the course of your life. Don’t waste another moment and register in one of our online casinos to spin the reels and win the jackpot!

FAQ about online slots

There is no secret to winning at slots. Online slot machines use a Random Number Generator. An RNG is a type of software that generates random numbers. Each time you make a spin on the machine, the RNG will choose a number at random.

Each number is linked to a given game outcome. Most slots have game outcomes such as big win, small, win, jackpot win, no win, free spin, bonus game etc. Each number is as likely as any other is, though there are probably very few numbers linked to a jackpot win, for example. That means that the only way to win at online slots is to be lucky and hope fate is on your side today.

Each slot machine is configured to have an optimal RTP percentage. The Return to Player percentage means the percentage of money that is played on the game that is returned to the players. If a slot machine has an RTP of 97%, it will keep just 3%, giving the rest back to the players in the form of prize money. The best paying slot machines or the ones with the highest RTP include:

  1. Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest: 99%
  2. Tropic Reels by Playtech: 99%
  3. Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt: 98.9%
  4. Cinerama by Playtech: 98.4%
  5. Blood Suckers by NetEnt: 97.6%
  6. Big Bad Wolf Quickspin: 97.35%

Of course, there are plenty of other games with similar payouts. Check out other games by Playtech, NetEnt or Quickspin with more or less the same percentages.

There are certainly unscrupulous, illegal and unlicensed sites that offer rigged or fake games. We suggest you do not waste time on any of these. Focus on legal sites with licenses from the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, Jersey or Curacao. That way, you can be sure the slot machines are fair and not rigged. We only recommend legal, safe and fair sites with slot machines that have been tested and proven fair.

By all means. If you look at traditional casino games, you will usually only double your stake. The highest you can win is 36 times your stake at roulette. The prizes on slot machines can be much bigger. Many slot machines have prizes between 1.5 and 50.000 times your bet. Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Joker Millions or Hall of Gods each have prizes up to hundreds of millions of rupees.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest jackpot ever won from a single spin was €17,879,645 (that is $20,062,600, £13,209,300, or ₹1,380,179,052.11). Jon Heywood from the UK won this on 6 October 2015. This win came from playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah on the Betway website.

There are all kinds of online slots. Slots can come in many themes, payout schemes and styles. Still, most slots are divided into classic slots and modern video slots. Classic slots are the simpler more old fashioned slots, similar to the ones you used to find at arcades.

This type of slots is still popular and this has given rise to retro style slots. These usually have three reels and one pay line. The gameplay is usually simpler. Thus Modern video slots on the other hand, often have five reels and any number of pay lines. They contain bonus features such as free spins, mini-games and more.

Slots with low volatility are slots where the prizes are frequent. The prizes are usually a bit smaller; you will get between 250 and 500 your bet as the highest prize. High volatility slots usually have much bigger prizes, such as 25,000 or 50,000 times your bet. The chances of winning are usually a bit smaller then.

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