Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine Slot
Diamond Mine features
  • Game : Blue Print Gaming
  • Lines: 18
  • Paylines: up to 117,649
  • Reels: 6
  • Type: Progressive reel jackpots
Diamond Mine
Looking for shiny prizes? Go mining in the Wild West and discover this fun and vibrant online slot by Blueprint gaming. This 6 reels slot features unlimited multiplier free spins and great bonuses. Try out Diamond Mine and you will be impressed!
  • Cascading symbols
  • TNT mystery symbol
  • Progressive slot

Are you searching for a real good slot that will give you full satisfaction? Mining may not appear to be an obvious subject for an online slot machine, however, in reality, it offers a rich crease of thoughts and imagination.

Diamond Mine is a decent illustration, it’s created by Blue Print Gaming and is accompanied by some sharp highlights and equally captivating animation.

Diamond Mine is a three reel space slot with up to seven columns and has potential 1, 17,649 different ways to win; the reels turn on a wooden structure incorporated with the passage of a mine in some remote, North American area.

The four high value symbols include a huge diamond, the unshaven digger, a light and crossed pickaxes/scoops. Additionally, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A comprise the lower values.
There is a stick of dynamite which is wild and it will replace all others to help you get winning combinations. However, it is ineffective against the sack of gold diffuse symbol; the wild just shows up on the top row.

Diamond Mine is an extremely straightforward slot game. It makes use of similar old symbols like Diamond, bars, sevens and dollar figure. The players get a prize of 2500 coins if 3 of them arrive on the pay line.

To have a shot at this Jackpot, players need to keep 3 coins at stake as opposed to playing with only one or 2 coins and the stake value can be $0.15 and go as high up to $15.

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Diamond Mine Symbols

You can see a pay line by essentially holding your mouse over the pay line pointers.

Your wins in the slot are uncertain as there are times when you rapidly surrender and change slot in light of the fact that the winning equation simply does not come.

The Diamond is the wild symbol and replaces every other symbol, with the exception of the A, K, Q, J, 10 and ANY NUM images, to make winning mixes. A winning combination that uses a wild should start with the consistent symbol on the principal reel on the left. Winning combinations that contain at least one wild symbols will pay twofold the typical win for that combination.

At the point when the Diamond shows up as the primary symbol on the principal reel on the left, it doesn’t work as a wild image. For this situation, it has its own pay out on the pay table.

Diamond Mine Pay Out Table and Win Potential

Diamond Mine consists of 6 reels and each reel has its own jackpot. Soon, you will notice a symbol with a pile of rocks. It will break in between and would reveal the amount on the reels.

The amount revealed by the pile of rocks would get added to the jackpot balance for that particular reel. If the reel shows the words Reel Jackpot written over it, this simply means that the bonus game is about to start. Next, the Wheel of Fortune containing diamonds and coal will start spinning. As the wheel stops in front of a certain diamond, the amount shown next to that reel is all yours.

The more coins you play, the more Diamonds will show up on the Wheel of Fortune!

Diamond Mine Bonus Features

  • Cascading symbols

Diamond Mine slot makes use of cascading symbols. This means that each winning combo will soon be replaced by the new ones which fall from above. These symbols then make a new combo, and the process keeps on going until there are no wins left.

  • Free spins

Whenever 4 scattered bags land anywhere in the slot, the twelve free spins get triggered. Further, for every extra bag that marks its presence in the view, you get 5 additional spins. Thus, the game gets interesting.

  • TNT mystery symbol

This is perhaps the best symbol which helps you win. Whenever a barrel of TNT appears on the reels, it transforms itself into a matching symbol and helps you win the game by forming a winning combination.

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Diamond Mine Game Settings and How to Play

As it seems quite obvious, Diamond Mine is a bonus slot and consists of a scatter bonus and wild symbol. You can choose to play the game in two modes: bonus mode and regular mode.

The bonus mode is more interesting than the regular mode. This is because in a regular mode, you are just required to obtain a winning combination of symbols. Paylines do not matter and you can get the winning combination on any payline of the reel.

However, in bonus mode, you also get to multiply your coins. When there is a winning bonus combination, the game will automatically switch to the bonus mode.

Diamond Mine makes use of 18 paylines and 5 reels. You have the freedom to choose the credit value. For each payline that you select, you get to bid between 1 and 5 credits with a maximum bet of 90 credits.

The ultimate winning payout depends on the number of credits which were places as a bet on the winning line.

Start playing!

  • Choose the credit value. You can choose the credit value as the game loads. Once chosen, you can also change the credit value by making use of arrow keys which are present on either side of the credit value display.
  • Select the paylines. Once you have chosen the credit value, you need to select the payline. You can do this simply by clicking on the payline indicator situated both on the left and right side of the reel. It is worth mentioning here that a coin will be added to the current bet everytime you click on the payline indicator.
  • The total amount selected by you at the payline would be displayed on the bet display.
    Next, spin the reels by clicking on the spin button.
  • You do not need to change your bet amount every time you are required to spin. You can keep the same bet by clicking the spin button. Alternatively, you can also make use of the autoplay option which will keep placing the same bet for each spin.

Diamond Mine Review Summary

With this in mind, it would not be wrong to conclude that Diamond Mine is one progressive slot which shines brightly among other slots. With attractive graphics and engaging animation, the Diamond Mine definitely provides a wonderful playing experience to its users, in addition to offering great bonuses and offers.

All you should aim for is to hit a gold because once you do that, you are in for a surprise as multipliers would help you get fantastic free spins!

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