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Teen Patti is highly regarded as one of India’s most famous card games of all time. Even though it has some similarities with the English game of three-card brag (one of the ancestors to poker), Teen Patti has evolved from its Indian and South-Asian origins. Although Teen Patti is simple to learn, there is an overt element of skill involved. It is entirely possible to play Teen Patti in an online setting (even if the online version has some significant differences to the physical version). On this page, we have thoroughly reviewed the best Teen Patti websites and provided you with in-depth information to help you understand the rules and winning tips of this exciting game! READ MORE

Teen Patti rules / How to play Teen Patti?

Playing Teen Patti is quite easy. We owe it to the fact it requires only three cards … This is how a traditional Teen Patti game unfolds:

  • A standard 52-card deck is used for playing Teen Patti;
  • The player is requested to place a boot bet (ante) at the beginning of the game. As with any card game, there are a great many bets a player can stake. As such, the player is also entitled to place side bets;
  • At this moment, both the dealer and the player are given three cards face down. The player is granted the possibility of examining his cards or not (seen player/blind player);
  • At this stage, the player can either pack (fold) or place a Chaal bet (call/raise). If the player packs, he forfeits his initial boot bet (ante). If he chooses to make a Chaal bet, he must place an additional wager (whose size equals to the ante bet);
  • Now, the dealer shows his cards. He needs a queen high or better to qualify;
  • If the dealer fails to qualify, the player wins even money on the boot bet. It also results in a push for the Chaal bet. But if the dealer qualifies, both the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand are compared. As you’ve guessed it, the one who holds the highest card combination is considered the winner and is awarded the pot;
  • If both the dealer and the player tie, the outcome of the game is a push and all bets are refunded.

What are the types of bets in Teen Patti game?

teen patti online1. Boot bet (ante)

Before the deal begins, each player places an equal amount of money into the pot to get things moving. This is referred to as a boot bet (or ante). This could either be a small percentage, such as a quarter or half of the minimum bet, or it could be a single unit. Although it will occur slowly, having an ante ensures that players who keep folding each round will lose cash. Not having an ante would mean players who haven’t paid a blind could throw in his hand without any financial damage. This offers an incentive for players to keep playing instead of ducking out when the opening bet lands on them, making play more exciting and increasing the pot size.

2. Blind bets

A blind bet is a commonly mandatory type of bet and is placed before the deal starts by one or more players. Blind bets are fairly similar to the bets placed during the game. Blind bet structures are usually in place for two blinds, with the player that follows the dealer blinding around half of an average bet (referred to as the small blind). The second player from the dealer performs the big blind, blinding an entire bet. Using this structure (often combined with antes) forms the basis of betting for Teen Patti. You may find that dealers of some games only introduce a single blind bet (be it partial or entire) as a consequence of winning the previous hand.

3. Chaal bets (call and raise bets)

Once the forced bets are out of the way, it is time for the standard bets to take place. Chaal bets kick off once a player has placed his stake into the pot. There are two ways of segregating the bets at this point: the call and the raise (more traditionally called Chaal bets).

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Players are required to place a bet that should match at least the previous player’s bet (call bet). The bet amount can also be increased, setting a new level of bet (raise bet). The raise often carries a limit: it cannot be any higher than twice the amount of the previous player’s stake. The raise bet can only be in even denominations (i.e. 2, 4, 6 …).

Loose play vs. Tight play

Teen Patti entails two different play styles known as loose and tight, which translate to whether a player folds rapidly or continues to play after the first round. Often, you might note that players who play a tight strategy tend to fold weaker hands very frequently and those with a loose approach are more inclined to play continuous hands towards the showdown and bet on more hands.

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What are the possible moves a player can make?

As we already discussed, Teen Patti is an exciting game. So are its moves. Let’s have a quick look at some of the moves involved in the game:

Blind player’s moves

If a player plays as blind, he doesn’t see his cards and wagers a bet based on his instinct, by guessing the strength of his hand. In order to achieve victory, the strength of your card combination should be higher than that of the other players. Blind players put their bets into the pot (generally twice the current bet amount). During a turn, seen players could request to see the blind players’ cards and place a wager (Chaal bets) or fold depending on the strength of the cards shown.

Seen player’s moves

Unlike a blind player, a seen player has a range of options available. These include Pack (if a player folds), Chaal, Show and Sideshow. To enter the game after seeing your cards, you need to place a Chaal bet (call or raise) into the pot depending on the strength of your card combination. If the previous player plays blind, the bet amount for the following player is fixed to how much the blind player stakes. Likewise, if the previous player plays seen, the following player needs to bet half of what the seen player stakes.

Sideshow rules

Sideshows (also referred to as backshows) can be requested by seen players, allowing them to compare their cards with the player who placed the last bet. You can only make this move if the previous player is a seen player. The latter is offered the possibility to accept or refuse (no more than thrice) the sideshow. If the sideshow is accepted, the players involved in the move must compare their hands. The player with the lower hand is forced to fold. If the sideshow is refused, the turn is passed to the next player in the game.

Show rules

The betting will keep going on until one of the below-mentioned things happens:

  • All but one player fold (pack). The only player left wins the pot, irrespective of the strength of his hand;
  • All but two players fold. One player needs to pay for a show. Then, both players’ cards are revealed. The one with the higher-ranked hand wins the pot.

Blind players can be asked for a show by seen players for an amount equal to four times the current bet. If the two remaining players are seen, either of them can ask for a show by paying two times the current stake amount. In any case, blind players are not entitled to ask for a sideshow.


In the event of a tie, the total money invested in the game is returned back to the original owners.

What limits apply to the amount a player can bet?

Every game of Teen Patti ensures a minimum bet structure in addition to a maximum bet. There are betting units which are the lowest denominations available for betting. There are also limits in place for Teen Patti which restrict the amount players can stake or raise. These limits can either be applied to the bet itself or the raise. They align to four different forms such as:

  • Pot limit:
  • Fixed limit;
  • Spread limit;
  • No-limit.

Fixed limits – They apply to games where the highest raise number is referred to as the previous bet amount or the current bet total. This means that the call amount is equivalent to that of the max raise amount, with the max bet being two times that of the previous bet.
Spread limits – They are in place to let players increase a specified amount inside of a designated maximum depending on what other rules are in place. Let’s suppose a game has a spread limit of ₹10,000; this means players can call and raise their bets up to the ₹10,000 maximum. Another way of looking at it is to raise a bet that is equal to that of the spread limit. Referring to our previous example, ₹10,000 would equal the raise and call.
Pot limits – They are placed to let players increase their bet to match the size of the current pot prior to the raise taking place. The easiest way to look at this is to increase your bet to the maximum size to match the pot.
No-limit betting – This one needs no explanation. Some games enable players to raise the stakes as high as they like, with no limits attached.
teen patti mobile

What is the ranking of hands in Teen Patti?

The aim of Teen Patti is to maximize the total pot before you enter the showdown and to have the best three-card hand. Hands of higher categories obviously beat the ones of lower categories. The pot is split if players result in the same hand, regardless of who requested the showdown. Here is the ranking of hands from highest to lowest in Teen Patti:
Three of a kind (trio/trail) – The first ranking of hands takes three identical cards, with three twos resulting in the lowest while three aces are the highest trios (example: 9♠️ 9♣️ 9♥️)

Straight flush (pure sequence) – Next up, we have a pure sequence referred to as a straight flush, taking three cards of the same suit receiving them consecutively. The ranking order is determined from the highest card in the sequence to the lowest card: A-2-3, A-K-Q, K-Q-J … and so forth right down to 4-3-2 (example: 9♥️ 10♥️ J♥️). Note that wraparounds (such as K-A-2) would not be referred to as a straight flush.
Straight (sequence/round) – Any straight takes three cards of varied suits consecutively. Similar to a straight flush, the ranking order is determined from the highest card in the sequence to the lowest card: A-2-3, A-K-Q, K-Q-J … and so forth right down to 4-3-2 (example: 4♣️ 5♥️ 6♦️). Once again, wraparounds (such as K-A-2) are not considered as a valid straight.
Flush (color) – The same suit is applied to all non-consecutive three cards. Should flushes apply for two players, the winner is determined by the one with the highest card. Should the values match for two players, suits are used to rank the hands with clubs last and spades first (example: 2♣️ 7♣️ J♣️).
Pair (double) – A pair takes two cards of the same rank, with the winner determined from the card with the highest value. Should the pairs be of equal value, the winner is determined using the value of the third card. A-A-K is the highest pair any player could get. 2-2-3 determines the lowest pair (example: 3♥️ 3♦️ 8♠️).
High card – Your hand shows no winning combination. When a common high card is shared between two players, the remaining cards undertake a comparison of their values (example: A♣️ 9♥️ 3♣️).

What are the probabilities of Teen Patti hands?

We’ve given some examples below to help you understand the combinations and associated probabilities in relation to the 52-card version of Teen Patti. There are no concerns over the card-dealing sequence as we are more interested in the three-card combination.

Three of a kind 520.2353%
Straight flush 480.2172%
Flush 1,096 4.9593%
Pair 3,744 16.9412%
No pair/High card 16,44074.3891%

Is there a winning strategy at Teen Patti?

Skill and chance come into Teen Patti, turning the real players into champs based on their bluffing skills, while chance only plays a minor part. Many casino games come down to chance, but Teen Patti involves an element of skill. Like any game, Teen Patti takes patience and practice. Playing blind can help win as fewer chips are at stake and it allows you to place the smallest bets. Chance comes into play as those not playing blind are more likely to fold due to weaker hands.

  • Bluffing by placing bets often could make players believe your hand is stronger, making their folding chances higher;
  • Choosing sideshow is helpful when a previous player is not blind and has a weaker hand. You can weigh up cards against the previous wager leaving the better hand to continue play;
  • Low-value stakes are good as you can then raise if you have a good hand;
  • Watch your opponents keep a neutral composure. If you get a decent hand, keep some chips back and stay strong. Let others increase the pot to ensure others don’t fold;
  • In any case, always stand with Q-6-4 or anything better.

Can you play Teen Patti online?

Obviously! If you choose online Teen Patti, you as a user have complete control over the wagers you place, along with a host of other benefits. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to play. You have a fully operational online casino at your fingertips. Simply grab your mobile phone or log in to your computer in order to get started straight away!

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The online version of Teen Patti brings you eye-pleasing graphics. On top of that, it allows you to analyze your individual performance after each session to pinpoint all the areas you could improve.

Is it possible to play live Teen Patti?

Of course! Live teen Patti lets you enjoy the fun and rewards of the game from the comfort of your own home, offering some of the best visual experience available to make you feel like you are physically sat in the casino. Jumping into live Teen Patti is fantastic. Players are matched with a human live dealer in full high-definition quality. The dealer will be in a recording studio and the entire game is streamed via the online platform from your internet-enabled device.

Which is better: virtual or live Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a very social game, often enjoyed with friends or relatives. Software providers have decided to bring that social experience to an online environment. As the name implies, virtual Teen Patti creates a virtual dealer and a virtual table. Even the cards are virtual. There is only one thing that is real, that is you! Although the original concept was pretty basic, it quickly grew in popularity. With advances in technology, you can now get a more satisfying experience by playing with live dealers, physically dealing the cards and allowing you to interact with them. This provides the closest thing to being in a genuine land-based casino.

What are the variations of Teen Patti?

There are a wealth of different variations available for Teen Patti which we’ve detailed below:
Best-of-four – With the best-of-four variation, players are required to put together the best possible three-card hand from the four cards they are dealt with.
Low wild – The low wild variation takes players least-ranked cards (with every other card of the equal status) and denotes them as wild cards only for that player’s hand. Should the two least-ranked cards be a pair, they are both identified as wild cards.
High wild – The high wild variation takes players highest-ranked cards (with every other card of the equal status) and denotes them as wild cards only for that player’s hand. Should the two highest-ranked cards be a pair, they are both identified as wild cards.
Two-lowest wild – Four cards are dealt to each player. The two least-ranked cards create a virtual wild card only for that player’s hand. Should the two least-ranked cards be a pair, they are thought of as a solo wild card.
Lowball – Much like you’d see in lowball poker, we see the ranking of card combinations in the opposite direction. So, the highest-ranking combination has the lowest rank and vice versa.
Wild draw – This variation sees the dealer pulling out one random card after dealing, labeling every other card of an identical rank as wild cards.
Bust card draw – The dealer selects a single random card after the dealing phase. All other cards of the same rank will be considered as bust cards. Players are required to fold if they hold a bust card.

Can you play Teen Patti for free/real money?

teen patti
It is a great idea to begin playing Teen Patti for free before playing for real cash, allowing you to improve your skills and understand the game entirely. After you’ve got to grips with how the game works, you can get online and join an Indian casino site to start playing. Switch on your computer, register for an account, make a real-money deposit and get ready for some life-changing money.

Is there a Teen Patti app to play on mobile?

Among some other mobile gambling games, Teen Patti has grown massively in popularity since it was first introduced. Thanks to its popularity, players can now enjoy the game on their smartphone or tablet. As a matter of fact, you could go to the App Store and download ‘Teen Patti Gold, Poker & Rummy’ or ‘Teen Patti by Octro’. Those games don’t even need the latest iPhone. Otherwise, simply head to one of the best Indian online casinos out there and start playing Teen Patti online in India right away!

Play Teen Patti in the best Indian casinos 2023!

Teen Patti is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in India and attracts a lot of users. If you’ve read our article and haven’t found a reason to play Teen Patti yet, let’s summarize it for you. Teen Patti might take a little longer to learn when compared with games like Andar Bahar. Due to the way Teen Patti is played, it comes down to having skill more than having luck on your side. Once you understand the core concept and rules of the game, the fun is endless.

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The game is easily accessible on most Internet-enabled devices, meaning you never need to leave your home to play. Since the game is entirely legal in India to play for real money online, there is a ton of cash with your name on it just waiting to be won! However, it is important to choose the right website in order not to end up getting duped. Unfortunately, there are very few websites that allow you to play Teen Patti with real money. Luckily, we’ve got your back by providing you with the best online casinos offering Teen Patti. We recommend nothing but the best! The casino sites posted here are all licensed and reliable: users don’t need to worry about things going wrong.

FAQ about Teen Patti game

Teen Patti has simple rules that anyone can understand. The rules are similar to poker. Each hand gets three cards. Cards of the same value, straights and high cards and colors determine the winner. Once all bets have been placed, it is time to show the cards. The highest hand wins.

If you have an account at an online casino, you do not have to ‘buy chips’. Instead, you will use the balance from your casino account to wager against the other players. If you need ‘more chips’ simply head to the casino cashier and deposit more money. The money will be automatically converted into chips.

There are many sites that want you to download the game. However, this is not necessary. Keep in mind that most downloads or apps are ‘for fun’ games. That means they could be a lot of fun, but you will not win any money playing on them. If you want to play at a casino, for real money, you probably will not have to download.

You can play online teen patty from plenty of sites. Most are free games, where you will not win any real money. If you want to win real money from Teen Patti, we suggest trying one of the casinos on this page, for a chance to test your skills and maybe go home with a few thousand extra rupees.

Teen Patti is Hindi for three cards. The game is widely popular in India and the rest of South Asia. It is believed to have originated from the English game of three-card brag, with influences from western poker. It is also called flush or slash in some areas.

Just like rummy, Teen Patti is a game of skill, much more than chance. Games of skill are considered legal by the Indian court. That means you can play it online for real money in India. Additionally, gambling laws in India do not reflect the current situation and have no stipulations regarding online gambling. That means that betting, card games, sports betting and casino games are not illegal if you play them online on an offshore website.

If you are playing Teen Patti at home or at a club, it can be easy for an experienced player to make it seem like they have better cards by bluffing. On the other hand, there are few tells when it comes to the online version. You cannot see the players’ eyes or gestures and it is best to play according to your hand.

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