Teen Patti

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Teen Patti Game

So, what exactly is Teen Patti? When literally translated, it means three cards in English. We also call it the Indian version of Flush. This game was created in India and has some characteristics of poker even though this game is a much more simplified version of it. Interestingly, India is not the only country that plays Teen Patti game so the rest of South Asia refers to it as flush.

Teen Patti Rules Explained

teen patti Playing Teen Patti is quite easy. It is a card game that is very similar to other casino games (like poker). We owe it to the fact it requires nothing but three cards. Some facts about the game:

  • 52 cards standard deck will be used for playing Teen Patti.
  • This joyful game can be played by two but the real fun comes with more players.
  • As mentioned earlier, Teen Patti is similar to poker and the one that holds the highest ran is considered the winner.
  • Ace will be taken as the highest and deuce the lower.
  • Second is a straight run where you need to get three consecutive number cards. Just like the last one, ace, two and three will make the highest rank. Here the suit has to be the same as all the three cards.
  • The third highest rank can be made with a normal run in which case you are expected to receive, again, consecutive cards but not of the same suit, it can be different.
  • Next, we have a color-based ranking. When any two colors are being compared then the combination with the highest number wins.
  • Fifth, and the second last, the highest rank is given to pair or double cards. When compared, the person who has the card of the highest pair wins. For example, pair A-A-K can be considered the highest whereas 3-2-2 is the lowest.
  • Lastly, comes the high card hand where color and combinations aren’t taken into consideration. Here all that matters is number and the person who holds the highest-ranking card becomes the winner.


Teen patti strategy

As we already discussed, Teen Patti is an exciting game, and so are its moves. Let’s have a quick look at some of the moves:

Blind play

In a blind play move, the player doesn’t see his cards and places the bet simply by guessing the strength of the cards. In order to win, the card strength should be stronger than that of the other players.


This move allows any player to see their cards at any point in time. They can place the bet on their turn by seeing their card depending on the strength. If the card combination is not strong enough, the player can choose to pack out of turn. However, there are variations to this rule.


The game ties and the total money invested in the game is returned back to the original owners if, at any point in time, both the players refuse to show/back out their cards.


The game would continue and the betting will keep on going until one of the below mentioned two things happen:

  • The sole player which is left wins the money irrespective of his card strength
  • Both the players are asked to show, and the one having the best pair combination and strength wins

However, there are certain rules of the show which must be followed:

The blind player can be asked to show by the seen player for an amount equal to the 4 times the current bet. If both the player are seen, any one of them can ask for the show for paying two times the price of the current bet. However, a blind player has no right to ask for a show.

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Best Websites To Play 2020

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teen patti game onlineHere, we will thoroughly examine the game which will help new players and also help brush up the memory of old players. As you know, this is an online game and can vary from the one played in the casino, so don’t risk your money by getting into it knowing nothing. Everything from the withdrawal method to the history of the game will be discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Question About Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti has simple rules that anyone can understand. The rules are similar to poker. Each hand gets three cards. Cards of the same value, straights and high cards and colors determine the winner. Once all bets have been placed, it is time to show the cards. The highest hand wins.
If you have an account at an online casino, you do not have to ‘buy chips’. Instead, you will use the balance from your casino account to wager against the other players. If you need ‘more chips’ simply head to the casino cashier and deposit more money. The money will be automatically converted into chips.
There are many sites that want you to download the game. However, this is not necessary. Keep in mind that most downloads or apps are ‘for fun’ games. That means they could be a lot of fun, but you will not win any money playing on them. If you want to play at a casino, for real money, you probably will not have to download.
You can play online teen patty from plenty of sites. Most are free games, where you will not win any real money. If you want to win real money from Teen Patti, we suggest trying one of the casinos on this page, for a chance to test your skills and maybe go home with a few thousand extra rupees.
Teen Patti is Hindi for three cards. The game is widely popular in India and the rest of South Asia. It is believed to have originated from the English game of three-card brag, with influences from western poker. It is also called flush or slash in some areas.
Just like rummy, Teen Patti is a game of skill, much more than chance. Games of skill are considered legal by the Indian court. That means you can play it online for real money in India. Additionally, gambling laws in India do not reflect the current situation and have no stipulations regarding online gambling. That means that betting, card games, sports betting and casino games are not illegal if you play them online on an offshore website.
If you are playing Teen Patti at home or at a club, it can be easy for an experienced player to make it seem like they have better cards by bluffing. On the other hand, there are few tells when it comes to the online version. You cannot see the players’ eyes or gestures and it is best to play according to your hand.