The Most-Exciting Upcoming Live Cricket Events in India

2022 is not a calm year for team India. There are several upcoming events that every cricket fan has their eyes on. The schedule will probably be great for the Men in Blue and the entire team. The Indian cricket team will hopefully play many matches this year, and the best news is that some ODIs will also be considered keeping the 2023 World Cup in mind. So, for the cricket fans, this year will be full of runs, scores, wickets, and complete entertainment. The game will witness the ICC T20 World Cup, a striking highlight of 2022.

The Indian cricket team is preparing for their West Indies tour that is to start on 6th February 2022. The exciting tour has many eyes on it. Let’s take a quick glimpse at the topmost exciting cricket events of the year and grab every detail about them.

1. West Indies Tour

India is set to compete in the West Indies in February this year. It is a series of three ODI and T20 matches. After this series, both teams will face off in the most awaited T20 World Cup that is to be held in Australia this year.

Let’s seize a brief glimpse at the exciting schedule for team India.

The tour will take place between the 6th to 20th February.

  1. 6th Feb 2022 – 1st ODI, Ahmedabad at 1:30 PM Local time and 8:00 AM GMT
  2. 9th Feb 2022 – 2nd ODI, Ahmedabad at 1:30 PM Local time and 8:00 AM GMT
  3. 11th Feb 2022 – 3rd ODI, Ahmedabad at 1:30 PM Local time and 8:00 AM GMT
  4. 16th Feb 2022 – 1st T20, Kolkata at 7:30 PM Local time and 2:00 PM GMT
  5. 18th Feb 2022 – 2nd ODI, Kolkata at 7:30 PM Local time and 2:00 PM GMT
  6. 20th Feb 2022 – 3rd ODI, Kolkata at 7:30 PM Local time and 2:00 PM GMT

Estimated Ticket Costs

  • Seating at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, is not available currently. The usual fare starts at 900 INR.
  • The estimated cost of the ticket fares at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, starts at 700 INR.

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As of today, the statistics of India and the West Indies show figures that make it very hard to examine which team has been more dominating. The rivalry between the two teams started in 1983 when India beat the Indies and took home the World Cup Trophy. Both the teams last faced each other in December 2019 for the T20 and the ODI series, where India beat West Indies in the deciding match and won the ODI series.

2. Sri Lanka Tour of India

Sri Lanka will be visiting India between February and March to compete in a bilateral series. Their tour in India comprises two tests and three T20 matches. There are no such insights on ODI matches for now but will be declared as per FTP. However, upon further notice, the schedule will be informed accordingly.

Let’s seize a brief glimpse of the schedule of the India vs. Sri Lanka matches are:

  1. 25th February, 2022 – 1st Test Match, Bengaluru at 9:30 AM Local time and 4:00 AM GMT
  2. 5th March, 2022 – 2nd Test Match, Mohali at 9:30 AM Local time and 4:00 AM GMT
  3. 13th March, 2022 – 1st T20 Match, Mohali at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT
  4. 15th March 2022 – 2nd T20 Match, Dharamsala at 9:30 AM Local time and 4:00 AM GMT
  5. 18th March 2022 – 3rd T20 Match, Lucknow at 9:30 AM Local time and 4:00 AM GMT

Estimated Ticket Fares

  • Estimated cost at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, starts at 200 INR.
  • Estimated cost at Punjab Cricket Stadium, Mohali, starts at 200 INR.
  • Estimated cost at Punjab Cricket Stadium, Mohali, starts at 1000 INR.
  • Estimated cost at HPCA Stadium, Dharamsala, starts at 1200 INR.
  • Estimated cost at Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow, starts at 1200 INR.

Where can you get the cheapest fares?

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Currently, bookings are unavailable. However, they might be accessible after some time.

India and Sri Lanka are the two biggest names presently for cricket. In terms of all three series, India has won over Sri Lanka in the three previous series. The last time these teams faced each other was in July 2021 in the ODI and T20 series, where India won the battle in the ODIs, and the teams drew in the T20 series.

3. IPL 2022

BCCI has not declared the official schedule till now. However, it is probably going to commence on 2nd April 2022 and end on 3rd June 2022. IPL is one of the grandest cricket tournaments held in India. Players from across the globe compete in varied teams. There are a total of ten teams in this tournament. This is the 15th season of IPL and surely is going to be the most exciting one. So, experience the finest moments by witnessing big players coming together to play nerve-wracking games.

IPL has always opened doors for fresh young aspirants to showcase their talent. Thus, many of these players will try to make the most at the auction to be held in February.

Let’s take a quick view of the IPL 2022 schedule:

  • Starts: 2nd April 2022
  • Ends: 3rd June 2022
  • Hosted by: BCCI, India.
  • Held at: India
  • Format: 20 Overs
  • Number of teams – 10 (Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Royal Challenger Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and two new teams, i.e., Lucknow Super Giants and Team Ahmedabad)
  • Total – Seventy-four matches

Estimated Ticket Fares

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Last year was IPL’s 14th season. On 7th March 2021, BCCI confirmed the tournament dates, but was suspended for good on 4th May 2021 due to the rise in Covid. On 29th May, the tournament was re-confirmed but was to be played in the United Arab Emirates, where Chennai Super Kings won over the Kolkata Knight Riders in the finale on 15th October to win the 4th Trophy. Currently, the auctions are yet to be held. Thus, determining which team is the strongest is very tough. However, MI, CSK, and KKR have been chart-toppers of all time.

4. India vs. South Africa

India is all set to compete in South Africa after the 2022 IPL. There are five T20 rounds to prep up for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The matches will certainly be exciting and give you many breathtaking moments.

Let’s take a quick view at the IND vs. SA 2022 is:

  1. 9th June, 2022 – 1st T20, Chennai at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT.
  2. 12th June, 2022 – 2nd T20, Bengaluru at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT.
  3. 14th June, 2022 – 3rd T20, Nagpur at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT.
  4. 17th June, 2022 – 4th T20, Rajkot at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT.
  5. 19th June, 2022 – 5th T20, Delhi at 7:00 PM Local time and 1:30 PM GMT.

Estimated Ticket Fares

  • Estimated costing at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai starts at 1500 INR.’
  • At Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur, the estimated cost starts at 1200 INR.
  • Estimated cost at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, is 1100 INR.
  • At Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi, the estimated cost starts at 1300 INR.

Where can you get the cheapest fares?

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India and South Africa have been playing cricket against each other since 1991 and have faced each other 145 times to date. It is hard to say which team dominates another more; that shows how powerful both the teams are. The teams last faced each other on 23rd January in the ODI series where South Africa beat India by 4 runs and won over India by 7 wickets, winning 2-1 in the Test series.

The Indian cricket team has many exciting events lined up for their fans in 2022. Check all schedules to book the match tickets for your favorite events. Also, use the suggestions for online betting to get maximum profits.

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