Top 5 Cricketers in the Cricket History
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Top 5 Cricketers in the Cricket History

Top 5 Cricketers in the Cricket HistoryCricket is a very popular sport and a favorite of many across the globe. The 22-yard elegant sport has several fans across the globe than one could ever imagine. Several cricketers in the history of this glorious game have been exceptionally good, and also many of them have exhibited their incredible talent on the field. Cricket is a sport of grace that surely invites talent from all over the globe.

Figuring out the finest players could be a task. However, some have their wins on display. One cannot neglect the achievements of these athletes, and people will cherish them for years. We have tried to list the finest with a little research and estimating stats. Over time, these cricketers have truly graced the ground with their skill and perseverance. Further, the legends have been carved away into people’s hearts with incredible performance and smart play.

Undoubtedly, today, cricket is the finest and most prized sport in the country. It is also one of the finest sports across the globe. Cricketers have created a unique place in people’s hearts, and so has the game. Thus, read to the end and take a quick glimpse of the most-known legends in the history of this sport.

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Top 5 Cricketers in the History of this Sport

1. Don Bradman

Whenever any person talks of cricket, the first name that pops in every mind is Sir Don Bradman. Mr. Bradman holds the incredible record of a high 99.94 average in test matches, which is still unbeatable. Also, it is undoubtedly the finest and unbreakable achievement in the history of this sport.

Even during the harsh economic times in Australia, he managed to sustain the team’s international cricket rank. Surely, Sir Donald Bradman’s journey is a motivation and inspiring story for many young aspirants. After his retirement, he continued to give his best to the sport by becoming a selector, writer and administrator.

He met the love of his life, Jessica Martha Menzies, in the early 1900s. Jessica supported him throughout his career and has been a very crucial part of his success. Bradman also left his schooling at a young age to work for a real estate company. Luckily, his employer was also supportive and would give him a leave whenever he had his practice.

This incredible cricketer creates many benchmarks. And has truly set new levels of competition for the young talent to compete and play with more determination. Bradman began his career in 1928 with 468 runs in a test match with an average of 67. The match was against England. Further, Sir Don Bradman’s skill and immense talent were noticed during his early Test cricket days.

The most striking achievement was his unbeatable 974 runs against the England Cricket Team, with an average of 139.14. The primary key to his success was his Bodyline and love for the sport. Overall, Don Bradman is a well-known name in the history of this sport and has created milestones that individuals will remember always.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Another popular name and finest cricketer over the years is Sachin Tendulkar. A completely glorious era of the sport began with this legend. Also, the debut and game that Sachin played will forever be remembered in the future of cricket. Undeniably he is the finest among all. Mr. Tendulkar started his journey when he was 16 years old with a Test match. Sachin came from a brahmin family. His father was a novelist and poet, and his mother worked for the insurance industry. Initially, Sachin also took training to become a fast-paced bowler during his schooling times. He also met the love of his life while returning from his very first international tour. Sachin instantly fell in love with her and was introduced to her by a common friend. Tendulkar has also shared many memorable childhood memories with Vinod Kambli. Their remarkable 664 partnership is a very striking memory for both of them to date.

Sachin’s finest achievement is his hundred centuries in one single global series to date. It is surely one of his greatest rewards to date. In 1989, he started his career when he was just 16 years old. Sachin was chosen after the fine performances in his matches and trial times. Since then, he has been known for his exceptional batting skills and is the greatest batsman of all time.

Like everyone else, even India’s little master faced some downtimes in his career. Post-2000s, Sachin was a little off when it came to performance. Further, in July 2007, the total test runs made by him were 11,000 runs. And he became the third cricketer to attain this milestone. In his entire international career, Tendulkar scored a total of 15000.

3. Garfield Sobers

The most celebrated and recognized sportsman for his all package skills and talent is Garfield Sobers. He was an all-rounder and could attack the opposite team with the ball and bat. Further, his bold and fearless batting style made him a favorite of many in no time. Also, it helped him attain incredibly high scores in his career. One of his most recognized achievements was attained in 1968 when he was the first-ever cricketer to get a “perfect” thirty-six total in a single over. The historical moment was noticed in England when Sobers smashed six consecutive sixes in six balls. Mr. Garfield was often identified as the finest all-rounder by many individuals and even commentators. Sobers was also known for his fast pace balling and other balling skills that would surprise viewers in every way.

He dated Anju Mahendru for a brief period and met her while he was on a cricket tour in 1966. Later, in 1969 he got married to an Australian lady, Piru Kirby but soon got separated in 1990.

Sobers is the most prized all-rounder that the history of cricket has ever noticed. Spectators also praised him as a Wisden Cricketer. He has a record of at least 8,000 Test match runs and a total of two hundred wickets. Moreover, he has scored more than 28,000 First Class runs and at least a thousand wickets in the same.

4. Ian Botham

Ian Botham is another well-recognized all-rounder and fantastic cricketer. He was indeed one of the most known players in the 1980s. The history of the sport will be incomplete without his name. Botham was known and identified across the globe as the “big hitter.” He often sent his robust shots into the crowds to please his fans. However, more than batting, the cricketer was known for his striking and continual bowling that is also noted in the record book, for the incredible 383 test wickets he took.

Ian was also opted as the England captain during the 1980s and is recognized for his 1981 match series against the Australian team. The series was also popularly recognized as “Botham’s Ashes” for his incredible all-rounder performance and play. The stunning performance also helped his team attain the valuable position it has in the sport’s history.

Ian’s most memorable moment was during his first year of playing the sport in 1974. He was in Somerset and was playing against Andy Roberts back then. During the match, he was hit in the mouth and got a very severe injury. Despite the continuous blood coming out from his mouth, he did not discontinue the game but spat the tooth and started playing again. Further, because of Sir Ian, England could secure its first win over the Australia Cricket team at Trent Bridge after the 1930s. Altogether, Ian has given glorious years to the sport and contributed to the history of cricket in England.

5. Imran Khan

Only a few people have served a country as sportsmen and political leaders. Imran Khan is one such known cricket player. He is currently the 22nd PM of Pakistan and one of the finest cricketers in their sports history. Imran Khan had also captained the Pakistani cricket team during the 1992 World Cup victory. He has also displayed his heroic talents in test matches and other series.

Imran Khan was born in Lahore post-partition and completed his studies at the Royal Grammar School of Worcester. He initially began playing cricket there and realized how incredible he was at it after that. His noticeable talent in the sport helped him pace his path to Worcestershire County, where Imran chose to pursue cricket. Khan also has a very interesting love life. Imran Khan has had a list of girlfriends during his early years. Mr. Khan has also reportedly dated popular actresses, including Hollywood and Bollywood stars. He has also been married thrice. Imran Khan played for Worcestershire to start his career and then began his international debut by playing for the Pakistani cricket team. He then successfully graduated at 23, and after that began his remarkable cricket career.

Imran has also surprised his fans and viewers with the striking performance and bowling styles. His greatest achievement was when he took over 62 wickets in just nine matches with a 13.29 average which is the lowest. Overall, Imran Khan has served as the finest cricketer for the Pakistani cricket team and is proven to be one of the finest players in cricket history.

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All these players have been well recognized for their immense talent on the field. Their determination and passion have helped them attain the title they have today. Surpassing struggles and aiming with the right passion, they have given justice to the sport and their country. Indeed, their remarkable performance and play will never be forgotten and always be remembered in cricket history. Do you feel inspired, and want to bet on one of the current cricket games? We have a list of the best online betting sites in india.

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