When Gambling is Taking Away the Lives
Viaan Patel - Content Manager

When Gambling is Taking Away the Lives

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Gambling is a form of entertainment for many. People use gambling as a way to meet new people. It is a great way to indulge in social interactions.

It is seen as a popular leisure activity in many countries. If done at a low frequency, gambling does not lead to harm. On the contrary, if frequently done, gambling is serious. It can easily destroy lives.

Due to this, gambling is a critical public health issue. It can go from a fun and harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession. This obsession can result in serious consequences. This kind of gambling addiction is known as compulsive gambling.

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So, what exactly is gambling?

Gambling is risking money or a valuable object in hopes of winning more than you risk. It can be in lotteries, bingo, card games, dice, or betting on match bet. Online gambling involves betting. It is a major international commercial activity commonly carried out in all countries.

Sometimes winning money is not the primary reason to gamble. Many practises gambling as fun and excitement. People also use it as a way to escape their problems. All forms of gambling contain an element of luck.

Why is gambling harmful?

Online gambling and betting have become an important part of human life. In the current pandemic situation, online gambling has grown as an addiction. Many trust gambling as an income supplement for the family. Gambling, when played wisely, is a game that brings inside income for many. The drawback of online gambling is that it comes with attached risk.
With the growing addiction to online gambling comes the risk of failure. If failed, participants often lose a huge amount of money on betting sites India. Gambling is known to create financial stress in many families. Addiction to gambling puts life at stake. The consequences of losing an online gambling game are depressing. It comes with health issues. People have also planned to suicide because gambling creates drastic losses.

Consequences of online gambling:

Gambling can harm people in multiple domains of their life. It impacts their physical, emotional, financial, psychological, and social well-being. The negative effects were usually seen are:

  • Financial losses
    Gambling which is often seen as a side income, brings huge financial losses. Gambling includes both winning and losing. Gambling can lead to poor finances and a disrupted career. In extreme cases, it can cause bankruptcy and homelessness. It can also lead to huge debts. Losing comes with the loss of the amount spent on a game. It is seen many times that people invest a huge amount in online gambling and lose the whole amount spent in-game. Financial losses also make the individual take robbery actions to repay the debts created through online gambling.
  • Feelings of suicide
    There have been many cases where loss from online gambling created a thought of suicide in individuals. Online gambling has been known to bring bankruptcy in many families. Gambling can incur huge losses. The debts triggered through gambling make people commit dangerous suicide.
  • Mental health issues
    The losses in gambling come with depression. Gambling creates mental issues, as per psychiatrists and health doctors. Online gambling can create interpersonal issues, depressions, suicidal feelings and mental health issues. It can also create issues of sleeplessness, craving for the device, restlessness, and loss of control. It may lead to anger and an inability to focus. It also causes short temper, irritation, stress, nervousness, impatience and mood swings.
  • Domestic violence
    Youngsters playing gambling often require a good amount to invest. The expectation of winning huge from gambling makes them spend huge. For this, they often choose the path of domestic violence. They start torturing their partners or family members and ask for an amount. Such practises disturb the environment of a home.
  • Social life and Relationships
    Gambling often leads to a family breakdown. Bad emotional health can affect the way you interact with your loved ones. Such situations often result in strained relationships. You might also spend all your time gambling. In return, you won’t be able to spend time with your loved ones.
  • Legal problems
    According to studies, gamblers are likely to participate in criminal activities. It can easily push you towards legal problems. People often steal money to gamble when they do not have money. So, it can even cause imprisonment.
  • Loss in productivity
    Gambling is often linked with loss in productivity. It also causes short temper, irritation, stress, nervousness, impatience and mood swings. Gambling often gives you stress. Work performance decreases due to tiredness and distraction. It can further lead to a severe decline in your health.

Gambling as addiction:

One of the major drawbacks of gambling is addiction. Gambling is an online betting game. This game which seems to be fun initially, soon becomes an addiction for many. As mentioned above, a continuous gambling habit comes with its own set of disadvantages. It is hard to leave gambling for participants playing gambling for a long period. It is thus important to play a controlled and non-addictive gambling game.

Why are laws and regulations necessary for online gambling?

The cases of domestic violence and suicides in recent years due to gambling have made it essential to formulate laws on betting and gambling. Madras high court and other governments are taking measures against online betting games due to its consequences.

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The adverse side effects of online gambling make it essential to formulate strict laws and regulations.
Even when it is banned in most Indian states, people still enjoy online gambling at their comfort. It is compulsory to formulate strict laws in all the states to stop the adverse consequences of online gambling.


Online gambling is a healthy game to start for fun. Gambling must only be chosen as a source of entertainment and not a continuous practice. Gambling never ensures sure-shot winning and thus must be played after understanding all the consequences. Betting games come with a probability of losing, and thus, it is advisable to restrict it to a certain extent. Avoid such games when they become an addiction and reach an extent to take lives.

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