Who gambles the most in India?
Viaan Patel - Content Manager

Who gambles the most in India?

who gambles the most in indiaAlthough gambling is restricted in countries like India, it is widely enjoyed. Indians have shown interest in online gambling or online betting in the last couple of years. Gambling is a kind of pastime that also ensures gaining huge prizes. Studies proved that Indians commonly participate in gambling from ages. Online gambling is also popular among Indians.

Irrespective of age, Indians participate in gambling both online and offline. For youngsters, gambling is a source of side income. For people of middle age, gambling is a common source of entertainment. If not controlled, gambling can become an addiction.

Many youngsters have lost their lives as a result of debt caused due to such online gambling. For adults, it is just a source of entertainment they enjoy in their leisure time. Old age people also have an equal interest in such games. It proved to be a lucky charm that turned them into millionaires. For others, it is just a part of their lifestyle.

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Gambling in India

In India, gambling is state-dependent. In India, states have all rights to formulate their gambling laws. Common gambling activities are banned in most of the states of India. States like Goa and Sikkim allow gambling with legalised norms. These states of India earn a great source of revenue from gambling and other such games.

In the 21st century, gambling is popular in all parts of India. People have already started making cash from gambling. There have been many cases of normal people becoming millionaires playing games like gambling in the last couple of years. Even after restriction, about 80 % of Indian adults gamble at least once in a particular year.

The gambling market is at the boom in India. Official websites like Lottoland soon launched legalised websites for Indian gamblers. Gambling is monitored through Public Gambling Act 1976, but there is no particular legal blanket ban on such activities. Gambling in India has less legal restrictions; thus, it has observed a high rise in the last few years.

Gambling by age criteria

Gambling in India is also broadly classified in terms of age. Gambling is seen as an alternative to meet financial needs. Often enjoyed as an entertainment source, gambling has become the basic need for many. Gambling is common among youngsters.

Research suggests youngsters enjoy gambling. They take gambling prizes as their second income. Many unemployed youngsters often choose gambling as their source of income because they hope to become a millionaire in a single night. This age group is at the highest risk of gambling addiction. Many youngsters have tried to commit suicide due to loss in gambling.

Gambling is also common in adults who look at gambling as a source of entertainment. They try their luck in gambling for entertainment, and many have won huge prizes with such games. People above 40 also show their interest in such games. They have enough money to put at risk with a motive to win from betting games.

Gambling in India by age

Gambling is banned in some countries. In countries where gambling is allowed, they follow a basic age limit. The minimum age requirement to become a participant in gambling in India is 21 years. Anyone below the age of 21 cannot play gambling or related games in India.

Generally, the interest in gambling games is irrespective of age. In India, gamblers from 21 to 45 years popularly indulge in gambling activities. Recently, research was conducted by the ‘My Betting In’ website. It proved that young Indians show more interest in online betting games. It does not mean the older generation never tried their luck in such games. Many Indians above the age of 40 to 45 have won big prizes with online betting games.

The study suggests that 44.6% of gamblers are from 18 years to 24 years. The percentage of people playing online gambling between 25 to 34 years is 32.5%. The legal age to play in online gambling in India is 21 or above, but people from India use fake ids to prove their fraud ages. There is no authority to check these fake ids, and thus youngsters are commonly taking part in such online gambling games.

Gambling by Other criteria

Gambling is also often monitored with the participants taking part in such games. It is common among middle-class people. In India, 28 % of the population is in the middle class. Studies prove that 73% of internet users wish to play gambling. Even when there were strict restrictions on gambling, there was about a 7% rise in gamblers in India each year.

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The huge population of online gambling players is from rural areas in India. These people earn subsequent lower-income and treat gambling as a source of income. Gambling is also common among unemployed and uneducated people. They don’t have particular income coming from anywhere and thus choose methods like gambling to earn huge amounts suddenly. Divorcees and widows also play gambling. They treat gambling as a source of time pass, which could also help them earn subsequent amounts as prize money.

Future of gambling in India

India has a 138 crores population which is the second-largest population globally. India is also a technical hub, and the internet is common among Indians. About 50 % of Indians use the internet. Many have already tried their luck in one or the other gambling games using the top betting sites in India, and some plan to do so shortly. India is a country that commonly practises gambling.

Gambling and betting are not new to Indians. They have commonly participated in betting games for years. Even when there are various legal restrictions on gambling in India, people commonly enjoy gambling all around the country. Many countries have already felt the importance of gambling. If India wishes to get a healthy contribution of gambling in its GDP, it is important to legalise it soon.

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